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League info - Rebel Elite

Home page: Missing
LeagueID: 121301
League admin: MyShady
League assistants:
League rating:
Ranking: Ranked as number 5
Average age: 43 years
Number of teams: 64
Active teams: 64
VIP-teams: 42
Created: 2007-09-08
Season starts: 2021-08-07
Season ends: 2021-09-23
League type: Private league (Mens)
League system: 1:1
Divisions: 8
Dirty tricks: Not activated
Direct transfers: Activated
Player name changes: Not activated
Match days: Wednesdays and Saturdays
Match time: 20:30
Demography: England: 50%
Portugal: 9%
Scotland: 9%
Romania: 6%
United States: 3%
Demands: Must have been a member for at least 1 year
Must have a xpert rating of at least 100

Ka-Ching 82
Ka-Ching 81
Ka-Ching 80
Ka-Ching 79
Ka-Ching 78
Ka-Ching 77
Brixton United F.C 76
Brixton United F.C 75
Brixton United F.C 74
Talking Heads 73
Forever RED 71
Zenith Vanquishers 70 67
Hungry Freaks 65
Hungry Freaks 63
Hungry Freaks 62
Hooray for Earth 61
Hungry Freaks 60
Hooray for Earth 59
Hungry Freaks 58
Edmonton Oilers 56
Talking Heads 55
Johnstone Rebels 54
Edmonton Oilers 53
A.C. Stonehaven 52
A.C. Stonehaven 51
Leões de Lisboa Celts 50
Leões de Lisboa Celts 49
Leões de Lisboa Celts 48
Knights of Cydonia 47
Hungry Freaks 46
Hungry Freaks 45
Millwall-e 44
Millwall-e 43
Knights of Cydonia 42
Knights of Cydonia 41
Knights of Cydonia 40
Knights of Cydonia 39
Knights of Cydonia 38
Knights of Cydonia 37
Knights of Cydonia 36
Real Betis Hotpot 35
Knights of Cydonia 34
Knights of Cydonia 33
Leões de Lisboa Celts 31
Leões de Lisboa Celts 30
Leões de Lisboa Celts 29
Liechtenstein 27
Liechtenstein 26
Liechtenstein 25
Ka-Ching 24
Liechtenstein 23
Ka-Ching 22
Funkmasters 21
Sons Of Donegal CSC 20
Peterborough Hotspur 19
Millenium Falcon FC 18
Millenium Falcon FC 17
Tequila Mockingbirds 15
Edmonton Oilers 14
Edmonton Oilers 13
The Jam 12
The Jam 11
Edmonton Oilers 10
Edmonton Oilers 9
Edmonton Oilers 8
Knights of Cydonia 7
Leões de Lisboa Celts 6
The Jam 5
The Jam 4
The Jam 3
Forever RED 2
Racing 69ers 1

League description:
Please read this whole page before applying for a team; AND PLEASE MAIL ME BEFORE YOU APPLY!

Rebel is a 7 division league with 3 up and 3 down. The fact that it is such a large division setup is offset by the fact that only 14 of the 64 managers in this league will be in the same division the next season. That's right, three quarters of the teams are either promoted or relegated in this system, so if you can't take relegation, then perhaps this league isn't for you.

Please get in touch with me if we do have a vacancy as teams are usually spoken for. If we dont have any vacancies and you are interested in joining when one becomes available, please send me a mail.
This league wont be creating anymore new divisions, so the only way to join is by taking over an existing team. If you apply for a new team, your application will be turned down.

****************************THE RULES********************************

1) Please don't blast someone's beliefs or use racial slurs, and when in doubt just respect your fellow manager. Also, please mark all images/videos "not safe for work" or "NSFW", if they contain pornography, nudity, or anything inappropriate of any kind. Many managers use their work PCs to access X11, so please respect that. In addition, i prefer that the Scribble isnt inundated with swear words. 'Lighter' swear words are ok in moderation, but words such as f**k are only ok if used very sparingly, & not in everyday occurrence.

2) You need to be active; we do a SEVEN DAY activity rule here, which is a lot stricter than some leagues so be aware of it! After a weeks absence, you are liable to be sacked. If you are going away on holiday, just tell me and you will be immune to the excuse for keeping it to yourself!

3) You have to do the bare minimum tactics-wise here which means setting a lineup (no defenders up front unless they are allrounds, etc. etc.). If you let your team deteriorate like that, you get a warning and then if you don't fix it, I replace you. You can easily prevent this from occurring (thus there are no excuses for it happening, as everyone should have an up to date default set) simply by setting a default line-up/tactics, then taking 2 minutes to tweak them just prior to the opening fixture each season.

4) In a similar light, you need to maintain a 10 team form; the reason this rule is intact is to protect the teams in this league and ensure that they don't depreciate so much that they become worthless. You have 4 matchdays to get your team form to at least 10. Similarly, after the 10th matchday, you must have at least a 10 team form too...if you cant keep a teams' form above 10 for the whole season, then you shouldnt be applying to join this league anyway.

5) Press releases must not be a copy & paste job (or such), but if once in a while you find yourself with 2 minutes until the PR sponsor deadline for example, & you havent yet put out a PR that week, then its acceptable. They MUST also be in English, as thats the official language of this league, though all nationalities are very welcome to join, as long as they are able to communicate in English within the league.

That's all for now, if you are looking to join one of X11's most storied leagues, look no further than Rebel Elite!

Highest Ranking: 1st
In Skill: 1st

Available teams (last updated: 21/2/21):

None at this time. Send me a mail if you would like to be added on to the wait list, and be notified once a team can be offered to you.
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