General rules
You must register with correct data
When you register to Xpert Eleven it is important that you submit correct information. If you submit false information you could be suspended from Xpert Eleven thus losing all your teams.

The user accounts at Xpert Eleven are personal and you are not allowed to register a user account for someone else. If someone is going to become a member at Xpert Eleven he/she must register his/her user account on his/her own. You are also NOT allowed to take over another person's existing user account.

You are only allowed to use ONE user account
It is strictly forbidden for anyone to use more than one user account. One and the same person is NOT under ANY circumstances allowed to log on to more than one user account. If someone violates this rule all user accounts involved will be closed permanently without warning.

VIP-memberships are personal and NOT refundable
VIP-memberships are not refundable after the service has been used. This means that after you have logged on to the site with a user account with vip status that vip membership will not be refunded. If someone with VIP status are shut down due to cheating or misbehavior or violating our rules in anyway the VIP membership will NOT be refunded.

Be polite and respect other managers
Destructive behavior will not be accepted and will lead to suspension. In the global forum offending other users is not allowed.

It is not allowed to publish pictures or links that may be regarded as offensive by someone. This includes pornographic pictures, links to webpages with pornographic contents or links to pages with any kind of extreme political contents. You are also not allowed to publish political propaganda or other information that may be regarded as offensive.

Do not start threads or write comments that make serious allegations about another manager or the administrators of Xpert Eleven. This includes allegations of match fixing, accusations of cheating, conspiracy theories about the game engine, injuries or any other form of injustice. Such claims are serious and needs to be supported with strong evidence. If such evidence is believed by the user to exist it should be reported to support. Please note that this rule also covers insinuations about these types of allegations - making an allegation by use of certain words, phrases or references is not permitted either. This rule applies to all aspects of Xpert Eleven - whether it be forum, press section, scribble, Xpert Daily or game comments.

The behaviour of the players within a league will mainly be supervised by that league's league admin who has the authority to inactivate teams if the rules are not followed.

Bugs and system errors should be reported to the crew
If anyone finds a bug he/she shall report this to the X11 Crew. It is strictly forbidden to take advantages of any bugs and it will be considered as cheating and punished as such.