Selling players
Sale of players
When you want to sell a player you can place him/her on the transfer market. Then you will hopefully receive offers for him/her from other clubs. You yourself will however not be able to see the player on the transfer market. Offers you receive for him/her are made by other managers at Xpert Eleven. You will be notified if you'll get an offer and it will be shown on the page "Offers for players" that is found in the team menu to the right on your team pages. You can have up to 5 players transfer listed at the same time.

A player stays on the transfer market for 4 days. After the deadline has passed the player will automatically be sold to the team with the highest offer if there are any valid offers or the player will remain in the team.

If you transfer list one of your players and he would have gotten a deadline past the closure of the transfer window then the deadline will be set to the latest possible deadline. This means that if you transfer list a player when it is 6 hours left until the transfer window closes then the player will only be transfer listed for 6 hours.

Player sales in general
To place a player on the transfer market you go to the player's page and click the "Sell" button and if the sell button is shown along with a text field you can also enter an amount that is your minimum demand to sell the player. If you do not have more than 13 players in your team this button will be disabled. The player will remain on the transfer market for 4 days from the time you click the "Sell" button. As long as the transfer listed player doesn´t have any bids you can decide to remove the player from the transfer list. This can be done from the player page of the transfer listed player.

If the player gets injured during the time he is on the transfer list then the player transfer will no longer be valid as the player no longer fulfil the description of the player on the transfer market. If the injury only is a slight injury or if the injury become worse by no more than 5-6 days then the player transfer will be approved anyway.