League administration
As league admin you are responsible for your league and everything that occurs in it. If there are any technical problems it is you who should contact the support here on Xpert Eleven, problems of a non-technical nature are meant to be handled by you. You alone are responsible for inactivating non-active teams and misbehaving managers.

Members list
You can get an overview of all the members in your league on the members page, which you will find in the league menu on the right hand side. There you will see which teams are included in your league, the series they play in and who the manager is for each team. You can also see when each manager was last logged on. If a member is striked out in the members list it means that the user has been banned and that you can inactivate the user from his team in the league.

Remind members
If there are managers who do not log on and take care of their teams you remind them by clicking the button with an exclamation mark ("!"). Then an email will be sent to the manager of that team informing that he/she is missed and that if he/she wants to remain in the league he/she should log on and manage his/her team or otherwise the team will be inactivated.

Inactivating teams
On the right hand side in the members list there is a checkbox for every team, showing whether the team is active or inactive. If a team is active the checkbox for that team will be checked. If you uncheck a checkbox that team will immediately be inactivated and the manager would receive an email informing him/her of this. A manager whose team is inactivated can no longer log on to his team or access your league. It is therefore very important that you do not uncheck a team unless it is absolutely necessary.

When a team is inactivated it will still remain in the league for the rest of the season. The owner of the team will however not be able to log on to his/her team or to the league. During an ongoing season a new member can take over an inactivated team in its present state. When this happens the team is lost forever to the previous owner. Inactivating teams is a procedure that should not be used in a routine-like manner. Also it is not very fun for the other members having inactive teams in their league, but sometimes the option of inactivating teams that are ignored by their managers can be useful in getting new owners of such teams.

Boosting teams
The "Boost team" button will raise the average skill of the team to 2-3% below the average skill of the teams in the lowest division in the league. That button should NOT be used unless it is absolutely necessary. And it should never be used on more than just one or maybe two teams or else it can destroy the balance in the league. The "Boost team-button" should only be used if the team is hopelessly unskilled compared to the other teams in the lowest division and that the team will have no chance to be competitive unless you boost the team. The league admin can only boost a team once every season and only between seasons.

New teams
New teams can only be created in your league during the period from two weeks before the end of a season to the start of a new season. Any other times new managers can only join the league by taking over an existing team which has been inactivated. New teams will always enter the league at the bottom. That is they will be ranked last. If there are several new teams their internal ranking order will be random. When an existing team is taken over it will keep its current ranking.

Protecting teams from inactivation
If you want to you can protect a team from being accidentally inactivated. This can be done on that team's team page by pressing the "Protect team" button. From the team page you can also inactivate teams, and choose to block a team so that no one can take it over.

League admin forum
You can easily administrate your league in the league admin forum. This is only available to leagues that have appointed league assistants. In the league admin forum you can discuss the future of the league in private.

Abuse of power
As league admin you are not allowed to use your powers to give your team advantages. The abuse of these powers can lead to suspension from Xpert Eleven. It would not be fun for the other members in your league if you cheat by exploiting your position as league admin.