Here at Xpert Eleven we have our own currency called "econ" which does not correspond to any currency in the real world. If it makes it easier you can think of 1 econ as the equvivalent of 1 euro, 1 dollar or whatever currency you are used to. We have deliberately avoided as much finance as possible to make this a pure football game and not a game of finance. All operational costs like player salaries will be covered by entrance fees and if they are not sufficient your main sponsor will provide whats left. Therefore you will as a manager not have to deal with these transactions and they will not be visible in Xpert Eleven.

The only thing you need know about your finances is the amount of econ your team currently has in the bank. You can see this on your team's teampage or economy page. This money can be used to buy new players, boost the form of your players or order dirty tricks. To earn more money you can either sell players or do sponsorship activities. Your bank balance can also be affected by possible unexpected events. You can never buy or order anything on credit. If you do not have enough money to buy, for example a certain player, you will simply not be able to buy him/her. However, the economy is only checked when you make your bid so you can still formtrain etc but be aware of that you then can end up with a negative balance. You can also, due to unexpected events or someone pulling of a dirty trick on you, end up with a negative balance.