Select line-up
To select your lineup for a specific match you can choose match among the coming matches listed when you clicked "Coming matches" in the team menu. Click on the edit icon to the right of the match you want to select your lineup and tactics for. You can also click on "Tactics" in the team menu if you want to select lineup and tactics for your next match.

The page contain 3 tabs (Currently saved, lineup and tactics). Above the tabs you will find information about the match you are selecting lineup and tactics for. The first tab will show you what lineup and tactics that will be used if nothing is changed. Click on the tab "Lineup" to select your lineup.

On this page you will see your players and their most important qualities. In the drop down menu to the far right you can choose what position the player will play in. If the player is not chosen you can either use him/her as a substitute or leave him/her out of the team altogether. As a substitute the player can replace anyone in his/her position should they get injured during the game. He/she can also be substituted into another position if you do not have a player on the bench that prefers the position of the injured player. If you leave a player out of the team he/she will remain a spectator during the whole match whatever happens.

A maximum of 11 players is allowed on the pitch of which one must be a goalkeeper. There is only room for 5 players on the substitutes' bench so the rest of the squad must be left out of the team. You are not allowed to use any extreme team formations such as choosing all 10 outfield players as attackers. The team must use one of the following formations:

4-5-1 (4 defenders, 5 midfielders, 1 attacker)
4-4-2 (4 defenders, 4 midfielders, 2 attackers)
4-3-3 (4 defenders, 3 midfielders, 3 attackers)
4-2-4 (4 defenders, 2 midfielders, 4 attackers)
5-4-1 (5 defenders, 4 midfielders, 1 attacker)
5-3-2 (5 defenders, 3 midfielders, 2 attackers)
5-2-3 (5 defenders, 2 midfielders, 3 attackers)
3-5-2 (3 defenders, 5 midfielders, 2 attackers)
3-4-3 (3 defenders, 4 midfielders, 3 attackers)

When you have selected the lineup you press the button "Save lineup". When you press the button "Save lineup", "Currently saved" will be displayed.

If you happen to select a formation that is not allowed you will be informed of this and nothing will been saved. If you do not have enough players in the team you will still be able to save the team line-up as long as you have selected a goalkeeper. If you at the start of the match have less than 10 players in the line-up you will lose the game on WO (0-5).

The team line-up you select will apply for the specific match only unless you select the option "Save as default lineup". If a player you have selected for the starting line-up gets injured before the match a substitute will replace that player in the game. The players that you have left out of the team will not be eligible to play in the game whatever happens.

Another important thing to notice is that squad on this page will be displayed injuries, suspensions, training and absence based on the date of the specific match. This means for example that if a player is injured at the moment but will be fit by the time the specific match is played then that player will appear without any injury in the squad on this page.

Average age
You can see the average age of the players in the line-up on the player squad page. This is shown for both the defence (goalkeeper and defenders) and the offence (midfielders and forwards) but also for all the players in the line-up (reserves are not included). The average age should be between 25 and 29 years for the team or team part to be able to perform at its best. If the average age is lower than 25 years then the team/team part will suffer from a performance reduction due to having too little routine/experience. The lower the average age is the bigger the performance reduction will be. If the team/team part instead would have a average age above 29 years then it would suffer from a performance reduction due to the lack of hunger. The higher the average age will be the bigger the performance reduction will be. Players in teams/team parts with low or high average age will not only suffer from performance reduction. They will also not assimilate match experience from the match as well as if the team/team part would have a normal average age.

Important to think of is that it is only the players that are on the field that counts. Players on the bench does not count. If there are substitutions during the match the average age will be recalculated so the average age is always counted on the players that actually are on the field. We also want to emphasize that an individual player isn't a poorer player because of his age. This rule is matter of how the player work together.

Recommendation from the assistant coach
To help you when choosing the starting lineup you will get recommendations from the assistant coach in the player tooltip on some players on the page where you select your lineup. The assistant coach will tell you which players that would be roughly most efficient to give more playing time in terms of actual skill development at the season update assuming the player will sustain the current average form and be given the same share of match experience the rest of the season as he has been given so far. This means that the recommendations may change during the season if the players average form changes or if the players share of match experience changes. The assistant coach will always recommend more playing time on those players that would gain most of playing the next match under the assumption that the factors up til now remain the same the rest of the season.

Assistant coach
You may choose to let the assistant coach help you selecting the lineup. You will find the assistant coach to the left beneath the player squad on the lineup selection page. If you click on the assistant coach then a couple of options will appear. You will then be able to choose which formation you want to use and what objective you have for the lineup selection. The objective is scale from 100% result to 100% development. If you choose 100% result as objective then the assistant coach will choose the best players in each position no matter if they need more matches for development or not. If you choose 100% objective then the assistant coach will choose lineup only based on which players that would benefit most from getting another match. If you choose anything in between then the assistant coach will make lineup selection that takes both skill and development in consideration.

The lineup selection the assistant coach will do will be quite rough and he will disregard a lot of factors that a real manager would take in consideration. So the assistant coach will not replace you as manager, but the assistant coach will be able to give you some assistance and guidance.

When you have selected you lineup you can go on to select your tactics. Read more about this here.