In Xpert Eleven there are 2 sorts of mailboxes. There is one general mailbox that exists outside the leagues where you can write messages to all members of Xpert Eleven. You will find this in the top-hand menu when you are in the lobby. If you have any unread messages in this mailbox you will se a blinking notification of this.

In addition to this general mailbox every team you have also has its own mailbox. In these "team-specific" mailboxes you can only contact the members of that particular league. When you have chosen a team you will find this mailbox under Discussions/Messages. The number of unread messages will be displayed within brackets.

In the "team-specific" mailboxes you can send messages to and answer messages from the other members in the league. You may also receive messages on events that have affected players in your team or if anyone has tried to use any dirty tricks against you. Read more about these kinds of letters under their respective headings here in the game rules.

You are not allowed to send spam in any mailbox at Xpert Eleven. A spam is a mail sent to numerous recievers with the same content if the reciever hasn't requested the information. This usually concerns league invitations but any spammail is strictly forbidden and the sender will face harsh penalties.