The transfer market
All players on the transfer market are players that someone else in Xpert Eleven has decided to sell. The players are listed with their name, sales deadline, position, agent, estimated skill and the number of offers made for them. You can choose to list players within the following categories:

1) All
2) Goalkeepers
3) Defenders
4) Midfielders
5) Attackers
6) Your offers (players you have made a offer for)
7) Evaluated (players that have been evaluated by someone)

If you click a player's name you see the offer in detail. Offers on the transfer market cannot be fully trusted. The skill level shown for a player is an estimate that may prove to be inaccurate. It may therefore be worth examining the player before making a offer.

If you want to make an offer for a player you write your offer in the textbox to the left of the button "Make an offer". You can never go below the starting price, or the minimum price if there is one. You cannot make an offer if you have not got the money to pay for it. For example, if you have 1 million you can make as many offers as you like as long as the total amount does not exceed 1 million.

Bidding procedure
When a bid is placed on a player, the bid should be maximum of what you consider you are willing to pay. If you're the only manager to have placed a bid on a player by the deadline you will get the player for the asking price. If several bids have been made, the one who bidded the most gets the player for the second highest bid plus a bidding step. If the next highest and the highest bid are equal the player will go to the team that bidded first. If the next highest bid plus one bidding step is higher than the highest bid then the bids will be considered as equal and the player will be sold to the team who place the bid first.

The bidding steps looks as follows:
Bidding stepBid (next highest bid)
50 000 = less than 500 000
100 000= between 500 000 - 2 000 000
200 000= between 2 000 000 - 10 000 000
500 000= more than 10 000 000 -

Example 1: A player has an asking price of 1 000 000. I can afford this and really want the player so I make a bid of 2 000 000. No one else bids and I get the player for asking price in other words; 1 000 000 econ.

Example 2: A player has an asking price of 2 000 000. I bid with a max limit of 4 000 000 and another club have already made a bid with a max limit of 2 500 000. The bidding procedure will then look like this:
Other team leads on 1 900 000 econ
My next bid is 2 000 000 econ
Other team bids 2 200 000 econ
My next bid is 2 400 000 econ
Other team is outbided as their max limit was 2 500 000 which is less than my bid (2 400 000 econ) plus one bidstep (200 000 econ).
So I will then get the player for 2 400 000 econ unless anyone else starts to bid on the player before the deadline.

The bids that have been placed aren´t visible to anyone. In other words, you can´t see if anyone else is interested in the same player as you. This feature was added because of all the managers who bought players in the last minute.

The asking price shown will increase when new bids are placed on the player and show the current highest bid plus one bidstep. Please note that the one who has the current bid leader may have a higher maximum bid limit. So your bid may not be enough to take the lead even if you places a bid higher than the current highest bid if the current bid leader has set a maximum bid limit that is higher than that.

If you fail to take the lead in the bidding then you will not get a second chance on that player. The player will then no longer be interested in your club. But if you have had the lead and is outbided you will get a second chance to increase your maximum bid limit to try to take the lead in the bidding.

The seller may accept the highest bid on his player at any time when there is less than 24 hours left until deadline. That is why it may be good to place your bid early.

If the seller hasn't accepted the highest bid before deadline the bidding will be ended at latest one hour after deadline and the bid leader will get the player as long as the team not already have 23 players in their squad.

If the bidding button is disabled you can place the mouse pointer over and get information on why.

When you have made an offer for a player the amount will be visible in the textbox where offers are entered.

Don't always trust the agent
The information you receive on players is what the agent provides you with. Some are more reliable than others and the only way to know how reliable is to buy players from them and see if the information they provided was correct. Therefore it may be wise to remember the name of an agent until the next time he/she offers you a player. Information about a player's name, age and position is always accurate, but the players skill is an estimate made by the agent and sometimes they tend to overrate the skill. On the other hand an agent can also underrate the skill although this does not happen very often.

At present there are at least 10 different agents. A couple of them are very good in estimating the skill of players and will always provide correct information. The rest of them cannot really be trusted. Their abilities to estimate the skill of players vary from not too bad to really hopeless.

Evaluate player to be safe
To be sure that the player is as good as the agent suggests you can have him/her evaluated. This will cost 1.5% of the asking price, with a minimum of 5.000 econ and a maximum of 250.000 econ. You will get an instant answer and it will be 100% reliable. To evaluate a player you click the "Evaluate" button. You can maximum have 30 evaluated players at the same time. If you have a lot of evaluated players at the same time you can choose to hide the ones that you are no longer interested in. This to make it easier for you and to make sure you won´t bid on another player than you intended.

Under the icon "Transfer" you will find the link "Players bought". On this page you can see the new players you have signed and the agent you bought them from. You only see the players that are still with the club not the ones that have been fired or resold. On your opponent's team pages you can see their new players but not the agents they bought them from. You can also see all new players in the league or in your series. The link to this page you find in the league menu on pages that handle league information such as the league table page.

When evaluating the player you will also receive information about how how compatible the player is with the players in your squad. There are 4 different grades of the compatibility: Poor, Fair, Good and Excellent. Read more about the teamwork values here.

Watch list on the transfer market
VIP members have the ability to save a search on the transfer market as a watch list. The watch list will be valid for 3 weeks and during those 3 weeks the VIP member will each day there are new players on the transfer market matching his/hers watch list criteria get a mail about it.

Transfer window
The transfer window will be closed when there is less than 2 weeks left of the season until the league has had its season update. This means that you won't be able to transfer list player or place bids on players during this time. You will not be able to place bids on players with a deadline past the closure of the transfer window. If you transfer list one of your players and he would have gotten a deadline past the closure of the transfer window then the deadline will be set to the latest possible deadline. This means that if you transfer list a player when it is 6 hours left until the transfer window closes then the player will only be transfer listed for 6 hours.

Suspect transfers in the transfer market
In order to prevent attempts to cheat on the transfer market we monitor the transfer market. If a transfer deal seems dodgy to the system, the transfer will be put on hold and the two involved managers will receive a mail that informs them that the specific transfer deal will be reviewed. Members of the support crew will then review each suspect transfer and either approve or deny the transfer.

By monitoring the transfer market we hope to catch the cheaters before any damage is done. A transfer deal that is considered suspicious will be reviewed within 24 hours. If no cheating is involved the transfer will always be accepted.