Create a new league
He/she who creates a league becomes the league admin of that league. The league admin has full control over his/her private league and has amongst other things the authority to expel teams who misbehave.

League name:
The league name is the official name of the league. It cannot be more than 20 characters and the name can be changed later.

League type:
You can choose whether to have a men's league or a women's leagues. This choice is final and cannot be changed later. If you choose a men's league all teams will be men's teams and if you choose a women's league all teams will be women's teams.

Type of transfer:
The type of transfer specifies how the buying and selling of players functions in the league. Formerly there were two options but now all leagues are on a market system. In a market transfer all players who are bought are linked to those who are sold and vice versa even though the system still controls the transfer to minimize attempts at cheating.

When you create a new private league you can only make it private. This means that those who want to join the league must know the leagueID to find it. You can later make it public for it to be available in the advanced search option if there are any vacant teams. For the league to be made public the league must contain at least 6 active teams.

Default you accept new team applications automatically to your league. If you uncheck this option you will always be presented the team applications to your league and you will have to decide if you want to accept the apply or not.

League description:
You can write a description so that those who apply to join know what kind of league it is. You can for example mention if the league has any theme or any special rules. You can change the description later and you do not have to write one if you do not want to.

Register a team
When you register a team you must fill in its name, choose its nationality and its kit. You can also enter the the name of your team's home ground or it will be given a standard name. All these settings can be changed later except for the nationality. When you have completed all your settings you press the button "Register league" and you will then enter the league.

Valid league
The league is not valid until it contains at least 6 active teams. If it has less than 6 teams 3 weeks after being created it will be deleted. Note that as long as the league contains less than 6 active teams the following functions are inactivated:
* Start of season
* Buying and selling of players
* Sponsorship activities
* Friendly games
* Generated offers to buy players
* Generated unexpected events

Tips on how to get a good league
The best thing is if everyone knows each other. Then there will be more prestige in winning the league and it is probably easier to get people to join your league from your own circle of friends. To try and get people you do not know to join can be difficult. You could try through the league contact forum but to be successful your league should have a very distinct profile because members who already have teams in Xpert Eleven will most often not risk filling their team quota by joining a league they do not know anything about. A better suggestion is probably to use the internet to find people that do not already have a team in Xpert Eleven. It is however quite difficult to create a long lasting league if the members do not know each other or have something in common. Therefore the best way is to create a league for your friends, your work colleagues or others you know. To join a league or create a league with people you do not know is nothing we recommend.