Xpert leagues
The Xpert leagues are larger leagues that we at Xpert Eleven are controlling and supporting. They are open to everyone who wants to compete against other managers here at Xpert Eleven. There are 16 Xpert leagues but they do in fact all belong to the same league system. The Xpert leagues are managed by experienced and knowledgeable league bosses. Xpert leagues are for serious play only and dirty tricks are not allowed.

Special rules for the Xpert leagues
1) If a manager is absent for more than two weeks a reminder will be sent.
2) If the manager is absent for more than 3 weeks he/she will be fired and a new manager will take over the team.
3) When a manager is inactivated or inactivates him/herself from an Xpert league he/she will be suspended from all Xpert leagues for 2 months from the last time he/she last logged on.(Does not apply for managers that has resigned on their own and has been with the club for more than a year and haven't changed the team name the past year.)
4) If a manager misbehaves in an Xpert league he/she will be fired.
5) One user may only have one team in an Xpert league.
6) Teams that has less than 13 players in the squad will be inactivated and deleted at the end of the season.
7) The changing of team names is only allowed during season breaks. (From the last league game of the season until the first league game the next season)
8) Stricter rules for press statements. Read more about this here.

Xpert Champions League - The ultimate championship
All teams winning an Xpert league qualify for the Xpert Champions League as well as cup winners in an Xpert league. The Xpert Champions league has a group stage followed by the playoffs. The group stage is played in 8 groups with 4 teams in every group and the two best team in every group advance to the playoffs. The playoff matches are played over two legs and start with round of last 16 and then the quarter finals followed by the semi finals. The final is one leg. Xpert Champions League will be played on Wednesdays along with the regular league games in the Xpert leagues. The winner of the Xpert Champions League is forever remembered in the Xpert Eleven Hall Of Fame.

Xpert league for women's teams
There is also an Xpert league for women's teams which is called "The Xpert Ladies". There is only one league and it will not be followed by a champions league. The team and manager who wins this league will however be honoured in the Xpert Eleven "Hall Of Fame". "The Xpert Ladies" league is considered as a private league so that one can have a team in an Xpert league for men's teams as well as one in the Xpert league for women's teams.

The cup
The cup tournaments in our two official league systems involves all teams. Seeding is used for the cup draws the first 3 rounds. The remaining cup draws will be completely random.

The managers that manage to win the cup or the top division in an Xpert league or Xpert Ladies will be awarded 3 months of vip status.