Xpert Eleven is a football manager game where you manage a fictitious football team. The thought behind the game is that you compete with your friends in a league that you create yourselves. A league must contain at least 6 teams and there is no upper limit. You can also have teams in more than one league.

You manage your team/teams in good times as well as bad. Your tasks consist of selecting your team and working out some cunning tactical moves.

To buy players you obviously need money. The fictitious currency in Xpert Eleven is called "econ". As in the real world a football team in Xpert Eleven is dependent on sponsors. The team needs a main sponsor and can also earn extra money by taking part in sponsorship activities. The main sponsor pays all your fixed costs like player salaries and other expenses so you do not have to worry about them. Also sponsors can provide you with extra money with which you can buy players, order form training or dirty tricks (if your league allows dirty tricks). These dirty tricks are unconventional methods you can use against your opponents in order to weaken their teams. (Read more).

A user who creates a new league becomes the league admin for that league and invites whoever he/she wants to join. The league admin has full control over his/her league. He/she can inactivate teams and make decisions such as when seasons start and end, how often games are played and other rules that apply in the league. If the league contains more than 12 teams the league admin can also decide whether to have more than one division and which league system to use. The league admin, however, does not have any advantages with regards to his/her team. Everyone plays under the same conditions.