All players take part in basic training to keep their form up. This training is nothing you as a manager have to worry about. However, for your players to develop and raise their skill level additional training is needed. For players to raise their skill level from one season to the next they must be in good form throughout the season. The skill update is based on a player's from during the season. The higher average form the better.

Form training
To keep your players in good form you must train them individually. This will cost you money though. Individually training one player costs 130 000 econ so to not waste to much money it is important to train the right players at the right time. Younger players have a greater potential of raising their skill level than older players. On the other hand older players risk lowering their skill level considerably more than a younger player. This means one can generally say that you should try to keep younger players in as good form as possible and older player's average form just above 10 so they do not lower their skill level.

On your player squad page you can order form training for several players at a time. You can also order the individual training on a player's page via the button "Order form training". The cost is 130 000 econ per player and it takes 5 days before it has an effect. Form training has a greater potential for players in poor form than for those in good form. The result of the training varies. Sometimes the effect is large and other times smaller. If the effect is small it is likely the player had a negative hidden form tendency which became positive by the form training. The big advantage with form training is that a negative form tendency is likely to become positive and this will have a positive effect on the form for some time. The chances of a negative form trend becoming positive is greater the poorer the form of a player. It is however always more likely that a negative form tendency will become positive than remain negative.

Note that the arrows on the player squad page does NOT show the hidden form tendency but instead the player's last form change. The hidden form tendency is hidden and you cannot see it but you can have a feeling of what hidden form tendency the player may have by knowing your player. The information the arrows give you may give you hints but you should also calculate with over information about the players current status.

A player who is absent will not be able do basic training and therefore it is not possible to order form training for these players. If a player is injured or during the 5 days of form training the form training will automatically go into being a rehab training instead.

Rehab training
You have an option to put your injured player on rehab training. Rehab training works almost like form training and it closely related to those. It cost just as much as a form training and it takes just as much time.

The rehab training can strenghten the player's form up to maximum normal form (normal form = 10 form bars). In addition to this the rehab training can result in a shorter injury period with one or two days. The probability for the injury period to be reduced is higher the longer injury period the player is facing.

If a player is fit before the rehab is over the rehab will automatically be converted into a regular form training.