Important hours
We run different updates and simulations at certain hours. The schedule for these is as follows. Note that the time schedule is according to the time zone CET (GMT+1). That means if you for example are in England you have to subtract an hour from the scheduled time.

Every hour and half hour
Matches played
Xpert teams with inactive managers are released
Job changes are made
Outcomes of biddings are decided

01.00 am
Watch list mails is sent
Current Team of the month-ranking is updated

02.00 am
Sponsorship bonuses are handed out (Tuesdays only)
League rating updates
League skill updates
Manager ranking updates
Team value updates
Playoffs in CL-leagues are created

03.00 am
Unexpected events are simulated
Youth team talents are sent out

04.00 am
Dirty tricks
Form training

05.00 am
Completion of cup tournaments
Cup draws
Season updates
Youth academy updates
Xpert rating updates

06.00 am
Various clearing up functions