Direct transfers
Direct transfers is an alternative transfer system where one buys players directly from another club in the league without any agents being involved. This function is however only available to VIP-members. It is up to every league to decide if direct transfers are allowed between VIP-members in that particular league. The possibility of allowing direct transfers does not exist in the Xpert Leagues.

What it is all about is that one can make instant offers for players in the other teams in the league. One can make an offer irrespective of if the players is transfer listed or not and one can bid any amount. The player's owner then decides if he/she wants to accept the offer or not. The bidder can at any time withdraw his/her offer on the new offers for players page. The person who receives the offer can also at any time reject it. This is also done on the offers for players page. If he/she think the offer is acceptable he/she can choose to accept it and then all other offers for the player are deleted.

All direct transfer has to be approved by the league admin
All direct transfers have to be approved by the league admin before they can be finalized. The league admin can choose to reject the transfer if he/she thinks the offer is unreasonable, if he/she suspects cheating or if he/she does not approve of the transfer for some other reason. If the transfer is approved by the league admin the change of clubs is instant and the money is transferred from the buyer to the seller. The seller can when accepting the offer send a message to the league admin motivating why he/she is accepting the offer. The league admin will be able to see what computers (ip address) the offer was made and accepted. He/she can also see the player's estimated value and compare it to the amount being offered. The league admin has access to all this to make it easier for him/her to uncover irregularities.

The player demands a signing bonus
The club selling the player does not however get the whole amount. The player will demand a signing bonus of 12% or a minimum of 50 000 econ and a maximum of 250 000 econ. This will be taken off the transfer price. That is if a club offers 1 000 000 econ for a player the selling club will receive 880 000 econ and if the transfer price is 2 000 000 econ the selling club will receive 1 760 000 econ. The rest vanishes as signing bonus for the player.

All stats will be reset for the player
When changing clubs all the statistics for a player will be reset irrespective of if the new team belongs to the same series or not. . The players skill, form, average form and special qualities with all remain the same although the player will off course not have his heart in the new club. The statistics on yellow and red cards disappears but any accumulated yellow cards the player has will follow the player to the new club. Notes on form training, merits from earlier seasons will not disappear.

Dodgy affairs may be reported to the X11 Crew
Please note that if the direct transfer is misused for dodgy affairs and the affair is reported to the X11 Crew then the teams involved with the affair and especially the league admin who is responsible will be subject to harsh penalties.