Planned substitutions
You have the option to decide substitutions for your matches. You will find a tab on the tactics page called ”Substitutions”. If you click on that tab you will see a page where you can add substitution orders. You can choose which player to replace, which player to replace him with, after which minute and under which conditions/standings.

Player out:
The player that should be replaced. This drop-down list is filled with all outfield players that are currently chosen for the starting eleven. You will also find the options ”Worst performing defender”, ”Worst performing midfielder” and ”Worst performing forward”. Choosing that option will replace the worst performing player in that specific team part.

Player in:
The player that should replace the player out. This drop-down list will contain all outfield players that are currently chosen to be on the bench.

After minute:
In this drop-down list you can choose after which minute this particular substitution should happen.

The drop-down list will contain different conditions that must be met for the substitution to be done. Conditions will be checked for each minute after the time chosen in the "After minute" dropdown.

You can add up to 10 substitution orders. You can change the order of the list by drag and drop the entries in the list. The orders will be considered in the order they are in the list. So if there is a contradicting order lower in the list then that order will be ignored. A team can never do more than 3 substitutions during a competitive match no matter how many orders the manager has entered. In a friendly game 5 substitutions can be made though. All added substitution orders will be listed on the "currently saved" page.

The substitution orders are match specific so you will have to set new orders for each match. Players substituted due to injury will override your manually set substitutions.

You cannot plan substitution of your goalkeeper in competitive matches. But this will be an option in friendlies.

A substitution will only replace a player on his position. The formation used will not change.

Automatic substitutions
For those managers who don't have the time or energy to plan substitutions but still would like to do some substitutions in the match to give the players on the bench some playing time, there will be an option to let the assistant coach decide the substitutions. This option will be found on the tactics page as a simple checkbox. If you choose automatic subs then the tab ”Substitutions” will disappear and all substitution instructions added manually will be disabled for the match. It is either automatic substitutions or manual substitutions. You can't have both.

The assistant coach will decide substitutions more or less always choosing to replace the worst performing players with the best choices available on the bench who prefer the position that the worst performing player plays in. He can also sometimes choose the best player on the bench and then choose to replace the worst performing player in that position that the best player on the bench prefers. He will somewhat consider the standings and not spend all substitutions too early in the game. He will only make substitutions in the second half.