League merge
If your league have difficulties getting new managers you are able to merge your league with another. This means that you simply transfer the teams of your league into another league. The merge can only take place when both leagues are in silly season. So the teams that are merged into another league will be added as "new" teams and when the new season starts they will be located in the lowest division. When a merge is complete the league that was abandoned will be deleted within a couple of days.

To merge your league with another you will have to find a suitable league on your own that you want to merge with. After that you go to your league settings page and there you can enter the leagueID you want to merge with. The league admin of the other league is then notified and he/she will have to accept/deny the request from their league settings page as well. If the league admin accepts your request about a merge, the X11 Crew will be notified. After that we will accept/deny the merge as soon as possible.

Important, it´s the league that apply for a merge that will be merged into the other league. Not the other way around.