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Stratford United
Division 5:3, Xpert League
Manager: Dr_Capstone
A legend bows out with style
Excerpt from Stratford United fanzine, The Stratfordonian:

 ...and so a legend says goodbye to The Queen Elizabeth Park. Midfield general, ladies man and all-round smashing fella Carlton North said goodbye in style to the home fans of Stratford United. The talismanic total footballer scored a thunderous freekick in the 76th minute of the recent match against Halmstad City to see his side win both the match and the division. It was a fitting send off to the player who has been the driving force behind the club's recent success. Manager Dr Capstone has masterminded the clubs rise from the ashes but it is the mercurial midfield maestro that has been the manager's on-field presence, always dictating play, forever storming through the midfield, scoring goals when they needed them and dragging the team across the finish line when they needed it.

Carlton North signed for Stratford United at 33 years of age for just over 4 million econ. In three seasons for the club, he has scored 24 goals in 31 games and provided 14 assists. But this has been the swansong to an illustrious career. Before Stratford United and the Xpert League, North played 106 times for JPF in the Euro League and 213 times for Fearless Men in the Dream League. His career spans three different leagues and totals up at 350 games, 107 goals and 80 assists. He truly is a legend of the game.

Carlton North's final game will be away against IFK Snedspark where he will captain the side. Coincidently the game falls on the same day as North's autobiography is released. 'Northing But The Truth' is a tell all tale about the footballer's rollercoaster career, his much publicized affairs with the wives of three different world leaders, his constant battle with a sugar addiction which ultimately lead to his restraining order from the Harribo factory and his future within the game of Xpert Eleven. Should be a good read. Carlton North, we at The Stratfordonian, salute you.

2018-11-16 22:26 2360 Views Reporter: TonyBrazil

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