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Division 2d, Xpert League
Manager: Chrille
Goodbye Xperteleven

Some things on Xperteleven never change:

1. The lack of leadership from the X11 crew.
2. The randomness of the game engine.
3. The injuries to your players.
4. And Chrille never quits.

One of these things is about to change now. And I have to say that it's been long overdue. After 5679 days of logging in and setting tactics, training players, exchanging mails and writing press releases, my journey on this website has finally come to an end. Will I miss it? No. I haven't been emotionally attached to X11 for a number of years now, so there's no addiction to break free from, it was mostly a bad habit of mine. X11 is also a symbol for days passed and the person I used to be. I feel the time has come to move on from that, to look ahead. 

It seems like the perfect ending too. Finishing my manager career with consecutive XCL wins and trebles, a #1 ranking and the historic achievement of 10 Hall of Fame awards; 8 of which are XCL titles. And, to top it off, going through the whole competition without letting in a single goal. Most managers quit on their way down, but I prefer to quit while I'm still standing at the peak of the mountain.

Ironically I've become too numb to appreciate virtual silverware. Ultimately, what I learned from pursuing my goals was this: it's more worthwile to follow your heart than your ego. It's more worthwhile to connect with people than to collect trophies. It's more important to be true to yourself than to strive to become someone else. My greatest achievement isn't the XCL wins - it was the people I touched and the people who touched me. Sounds kinky when I say it like that though. ;/

I don't really like the idea of having my account open. So I'll close it down completely within the coming week. It feels nice. I've sort of been looking forward to my departure for quite a few years, but various happenings in real life prolonged my stay, but now I have no more excuses to continue. I did everything I planned to do and said everything I wanted to say - it's time. So thank you all for the support, the memories and time we spent together. 

I'll see you in another life when we are both cats.

2019-03-28 12:47 5276 Views Reporter: TheAPERSON

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