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White Wolfs City
Division 6:37, Xpert International
Manager: Sayan44
Bad habits
Despite amazing results in the Cup competition, India are struggling to keep up in the league. With 2 games gone, they are yet to pick up a win as both of their league games ended in a score draw.

The first one was against FC Tuesday, in which India were cruising to victory following two goals scored by MacCuish and Gãldeanu. But FC Tuesday planned something different, as two late goals in 84th and 90th minute saw FC Tuesday snatching a point from the match.

India were up against Jose Ortega y Gasset, tonight. The manager tried something different as he decided to go with 4-5-1 formation for the first time this season. Despite the tactical correctness and having more chances created, India only managed to get 1 point out of the match. Another late goal at 88th minute, saw them losing 2 points and they have to settle at 6th place in the table with 2 points from 2 games.

We caught up with the manager after the game to have his view on the recent results,

"Disappointing. It's hard to live with the fact that we could've won both of the matches, yet we are in the relegation zone with just 2 points. I am worried equally as I am unable to understand what is going wrong with these players. You can see a pattern here, in the last league game we conceded after 84th, and in this in 88th minute. That means, we allowed 3 goals in last 6 minutes, in two matches.

"That's unacceptable and bit of a worry. I can see the squad is young and all but I thought they are capable of stepping up against such giant teams. Am I wrong? It's too early to say, but you have to understand my concern as well as my frustration. How long will I be able to save these players from criticism? It's time for them to step up, else we will be heading to 5th division.

"I wanted to focus in the cup, but these results are diverting me from the cup objective I had in mind. It seems, I really have to put all my attention into the league else we will end up with another disappointing season. It's too early to say anything, but nothing is impossible.

"We have a tricky fixture next in the league. Getting all 3 points is our top priority. The next 3 matches have become must win for us to have any chance to get into promotion place. Title is too far at the moment. We have to get rid of this bad habit of conceding late goals if we want to improve in the league.

"We continue to work hard in the training and will try to give our best on the pitch. We move on."

2019-11-25 23:52 1158 Views Reporter: TonyBrazil

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