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No bullseye for Duarte
Duarte Abreu finds his inner Dan Biggar as Matchstick Man triumph.

Latics draw in opening match
Late equaliser dampens the party but Villa are happy with their performance at a higher level.

The old guard secures tanite future
After missing promotion last season, FC Tanon won their playoff and secured a spot in Division 5.

LukeFM announces resignation
It's the end of the road for the manager of the former Xpert League and Cup winners as Balka are relegated from the Xpert League top flight.

6th Round?? No problem
Extra time and penalty shoot outs are meat and potatoes to the Bats as they know the importance of digging deep
2017-01-06 14:58 Last kick heartache
2016-12-27 16:29 The 12 goals of Christmas
2016-11-27 23:24 Black Friday not so tempting
2016-11-17 20:35 Tears, beers and souvenirs
2016-09-28 10:20 Brazil offered England post?
2016-09-21 23:56 FC Adrenochrome.....are back!
2016-09-17 18:24 Sleepwalking to unhappiness
2016-08-04 14:39 4th place after poor finish
2016-08-01 00:04 Bare bones won't break
2016-07-27 01:20 Dramatic changes: Half of the team sold
2016-07-21 00:07 Wrighty says 'Relax'
2016-07-18 17:10 Calisto transfer complete
2016-04-23 01:47 AMPARO, always a legend
2016-03-27 23:32 Home again!
2016-03-26 01:31 G.O.A.T. to have final say on successor
2016-03-17 19:55 Tomás Simões asks to be sacked
2016-03-02 01:06 Oh! What happened to you?
2016-02-12 21:03 How much???
2016-02-09 16:50 Players pay penalty for poor performance
2016-01-31 12:27 Scoring rivalry spurs Tanites
2016-01-23 11:09 BFM learns to count
2016-01-20 15:14 Brunei make Bald signing
2016-01-09 01:51 A new start
2015-12-30 00:49 Wendover Warriors wrap up division

I-Arena claims Euro Cup glory again
Howwood United F.C. won the Euro League Cup to lift the trophy for the second time in four seasons.

Double double for the Rebels
Shady Rebels entered season 41 as holders of both the Dream League cup and league. Could they follow last seasons success and get another double?

Xpert Champions League XLVII
The 47th season of Xpert Champions League has been drawn.

Could Se7enman become only the second Englishman to win the XCL? Or would the ChrillzmeisteR juggernaut claim a second XCL crown? Find out here...

A new Master emerges....
Throbbin ambushes the Knights on the final day title showdown to secure his first Master League title.

XCL XLVI - Semi Finals
It's Master League vs. Pro League in the semi finals of the XCL with three English speaking managers still left in the competition.

Bumping Back
The Toot Bumps are Hattrick League champions once again after a season long title fight with Eazy Riderz. Read on to find out more...

Power Breathing
The Power League takes a deep breath as a new team hits the headlines in Season 41

The cup is a relay race not a sprint
British teams are exiting the Xpert League's top division, but every cloud has a silverware lining as the cup ends in the hands of a new manager.

XCL XLVI - Quarter Finals
Two all English quarter finals and another English speaking manager left, we are guaranteed at least one Englishman in the final. Find out more here.
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