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Brazil offered England post?
In the wake of Sam Allerdyce's sacking as England manager, have the FA turned to the Xpert League to find their replacement?

FC Adrenochrome.....are back!
They may be languishing in the sixth division, but the one time Xpert Champions League winners have a new manager aiming to take them back to the top

Sleepwalking to unhappiness
Experiments with playing with their eyes closed backfire on the Matchsticks.

4th place after poor finish
Optimistic times ahead for Cleveland Indians despite a bad finish to the season which saw them hand the title to Saturday Night FIFA

Bare bones won't break
Frogs expect to stay in the division despite a lack of available players
2016-07-27 01:20 Dramatic changes: Half of the team sold
2016-07-21 00:07 Wrighty says 'Relax'
2016-07-18 17:10 Calisto transfer complete
2016-04-23 01:47 AMPARO, always a legend
2016-03-27 23:32 Home again!
2016-03-26 01:31 G.O.A.T. to have final say on successor
2016-03-17 19:55 Tomás Simões asks to be sacked
2016-03-02 01:06 Oh! What happened to you?
2016-02-12 21:03 How much???
2016-02-09 16:50 Players pay penalty for poor performance
2016-01-31 12:27 Scoring rivalry spurs Tanites
2016-01-23 11:09 BFM learns to count
2016-01-20 15:14 Brunei make Bald signing
2016-01-09 01:51 A new start
2015-12-30 00:49 Wendover Warriors wrap up division
2015-12-24 16:30 Xpert League Champions!
2015-12-03 14:38 22-Game winning run comes to an end
2015-11-22 13:26 So we go and draw the no.1 seeds!
2015-11-15 11:05 Pyla in 373 Cup shocker
2015-10-23 22:58 A star is born
2015-10-17 09:49 Like a fine wine
2015-10-06 15:43 Experienced heads or withered bodies?
2015-09-28 11:35 Remember the Tanites of 43
2015-09-13 11:10 Penultimate drama
2015-09-11 10:44 Gaffer makes double gaffe

Ellesmere Crowned Super League Champs!
The Ellesmere Panthers have been crowned the new Super League Champions after a hard-fought second half of the season.

XCL XLV Group Stage (Part 2)
So, who stepped up and made it through to the last 16 and who fell by the wayside? There are some pretty big name casualties as the XCL ramps up.

Private Leagues in the spotlight IV
Banter: a review of some Private Leagues in Xpert11 with a lot of social interaction seeing how and why it works for them.

XCL XLV - Group Stage (Part 1)
Another season of XCL football gets underway as the best of last season fight it out for the ultimate honour in the most open season yet.

Super men soar to Pro League Cup success
Se7enman raises first trophy with Super Seven: "I'd always wanted to win the cup but never even considered that I could go all the way"

Akashic Records snatch Pro League title
Glacier takes the slow route to eventual title triumph in "magnificent league"

Grizzly Bears Retain Ladies Title
Glacier's ladies continue to build their empire within the Xpert Ladies game with their second title in as many years.

Xpert All Star Eleven
Is this the most valuable official Xpert team in History? The Daily searched the official leagues to find the best up and coming players in the game.

Pasta La Vista
Immaculate Pasta claim their third league title after a season long battle with reigining champions Fury of the Dragon and newcomers Bajen 08.

Aztec Warriors Seize Cup Glory
Bouncebackability's Aztec Warriors endure a series of thrilling battles to finally snatch the Euro League Cup
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