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Taking care of business
Manager compliments the Director Of Football after four new players join the Frogmen

Crazy match!
Foot's play-off feat as subs turn game on its head

The swift does not always win the race
Manager disregards a few losses as his team now sit top of the league

We need a miracle
Big task ahead for new manager

Out of the relegation battle - for now
Matchstick Men hit top spot, but boss Brazil still looking over his shoulder at the relegation places.
2017-03-29 23:51 No bullseye for Duarte
2017-03-20 23:54 Latics draw in opening match
2017-03-09 01:01 The old guard secures tanite future
2017-02-15 19:45 LukeFM announces resignation
2017-01-14 21:49 6th Round?? No problem
2017-01-06 14:58 Last kick heartache
2016-12-27 16:29 The 12 goals of Christmas
2016-11-27 23:24 Black Friday not so tempting
2016-11-17 20:35 Tears, beers and souvenirs
2016-09-28 10:20 Brazil offered England post?
2016-09-21 23:56 FC Adrenochrome.....are back!
2016-09-17 18:24 Sleepwalking to unhappiness
2016-08-04 14:39 4th place after poor finish
2016-08-01 00:04 Bare bones won't break
2016-07-27 01:20 Dramatic changes: Half of the team sold
2016-07-21 00:07 Wrighty says 'Relax'
2016-07-18 17:10 Calisto transfer complete
2016-04-23 01:47 AMPARO, always a legend
2016-03-27 23:32 Home again!
2016-03-26 01:31 G.O.A.T. to have final say on successor
2016-03-17 19:55 Tomás Simões asks to be sacked
2016-03-02 01:06 Oh! What happened to you?
2016-02-12 21:03 How much???
2016-02-09 16:50 Players pay penalty for poor performance

Xpert Champions League kicks off!
Season 48 of the Xpert Champions League commences, with several teams out to end Shady Rebels' dominance.

Xpert Special: All Time Standings
What would a combined All Time Standings table look like from all the official leagues? Xpert Daily looks at each league's leaders and finds out.

D-lighted with Euro Cup victory
After 23 seasons of hard work and development, D-503 helped Anarchists United claim its first major title as the club won the Euro League Cup.

The Dream Interview?
The Xpert Daily go to great lengths to get an exclusive interview with triple winning Dream League manager MyShady

Xpert Champions League XLVIII
The 48th season of Xpert Champions League has been drawn.

English manager wins XCL XLVII Final
Shady Rebels bring the XCL trophy back to England

Dfarls leads his team to glory
There is a new name on the Master League cup, as the underdog beats the big names to come through and win

XCL XLVII Semi Finals
Dramatic scenes on and off the pitch as the four contenders battle it out for a place in the final; who will make it and who will fall short?

Throbbin claims personal award again
After a great week to keep his title hopes alive for the XCL and the Master League title.

XCL XLVII Knock out stage
Sudden death in the Champions League; when the going gets tough who will get going?
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