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FC 5 to go PN 0 (0 - 1) 1 Imperium Sine Fine
Final in Xpert Champions League
Xpert Arena (Neutral) 2014-08-20 21:00
Referee: Dick Tator (S8, H8)
The jersey is in the laundry
FC 5 to go PN
GK K Borg
D T Kienzle
D R Juliardo
D P Löfqvist
D F McSporran
MF H Ahlström
MF V Nikishin
MF L Armengol (C)
MF R Chidambaram
F N Nøstvold
F L Buckle
R F Fátima
R R Irrureta
R A Rama
R L Justrell
R G Tsvetkov

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10 Nicolay Nøstvold of FC 5 to go PN was injured and was substituted by Georgy Tsvetkov
12 Revaan Chidambaram was booked
34 0 - 1 Header from a cross: Goal scorer was Ernesto Eliseo assisted by Ambjörn Edmundsson
Possession: 44 - 56 (45-55)
Chances: 3 - 5 (2-3)

Home - Man Of The Match - Away
Keith Borg Charles Lucky Luziano

Game comments
Official comments
unlucky. playing 80m with a 16n3 in the final destroyed my plans. Congratz GB.
FC 5 to go PN 2014-08-20 

Wee bit unlucky there certainly had the better setup...I went very neutral hoping extra skill and form would be enough...only just. Had more than a few bad rubs in this comp over the years so finally happy the Xpert Gods were on the side of ISF for once.
Imperium Sine Fine 2014-08-20 

Other comments
Rbjayb (Golden Lions) 2014-08-20 
get in there GB

Richardfenn (FC Ballbreakers) 2014-08-20 
Congratulations GB! Commiserations Matsugohei - a great effort elimiating Sparkaspring and the Antichrists on the way to the final.

TheAPERSON (Knights of Cydonia FC) 2014-08-20 
Yes, finally, England makes it to the Hall of Fame. Congrats GB on winning the XCL, but commiserations to Matsugohei for an amazing campaign to get to the XCL final and knock out the two best teams on the site. Unlucky with the striker injury too.

Thunderbroom (Damocles) 2014-08-20 
Attaboy GB!

Daisy_D (Alpha Andromedae) 2014-08-20 
Yay, congrats GB :)

Blu3red (Bloodbath) 2014-08-20 
Yeah baby! Congrats! :D

BigAFC (Real Madrid C.S.F.) 2014-08-20 
Parabéns amigo! Claro que queria que vencesses no entanto o teu desenho orgulha todos os teus amigos.

MasterChe (Immaculate Pasta) 2014-08-20 
Apesar do desfecho, grande prova! Parabéns. E sim, é muito bonito ;)

Waynederanged (The Merry Pranksters) 2014-08-20 
Well done GB. At last and long deserved.

Jesus1983 (Jesus and his Pandas) 2014-08-20 
Well done my man...first time i have ever cheered out loud over a victory other than my own. No ineligible players i hope?

Pirata1981 (bayview fc) 2014-08-20 
Pena essa lesão aos 10 mnt Continuo a dizer que és melhor taticamente que o bandido da relva ... Parabéns Mats

Animaldodeserto (RSD Alcala ) 2014-08-20 
É sempre uma pena perder finais, mas parabéns pela excelente campanha!

Celticlegend (Alfil FC) 2014-08-21 
Congrats GB, fantastic performance Mat commiserations you had a fantastic run knocking out 2 top sides along the way.

Dochawkes (Hawkesy CBR) 2014-08-21 
YeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, At last GB, well played, and unlucky matsugohei... someone had to lose.

Powerbaselx (FC Algarve) 2014-08-21 
Parabéns na mesma. Foi um percurso excelente até à final.

Sherwyn (lK Bergandy) 2014-08-21 
Well done GB! Top stuff

Duke4 (Duke Team XI) 2014-08-21 
Great Final... It could have done either side... and that says alot ;)

LoboAlfa (Unicorn FC) 2014-08-21 
Esteve perto, Matsu, mas fizeste uma prova impressionante, parabéns. Congrats, GB, finally arrived :)

ShadowsDT (Whitsunday FC) 2014-08-21 
Congrats on finally winning the XCL GB. :)

Grecian (Tour De France Reserves) 2014-08-21 
loves you

Duffster (Zabriskie Point) 2014-08-21

GRASSBANDITS (Imperium Sine Fine) 2014-08-21 
Thanks for the Grats n' Shizz. Beers [proper beers mind, not any of this Classic League virtual pub beers c4rp] are on me tonight...if you want to PM your Paypal details : )

Celticlegend (Alfil FC) 2014-08-21 
Oi nothing wrong with a Classic League virtual pub beer, although nobody trusts the Orge bartender any more. Well the lobster doesn't anyways. Yeah that's right we got a scribble bar, an orge, a lobster, a guy who has more hair than cousin it from the Addams family and a cookie thief, but if your naughty Daisy gets violent with a stiletto. Never thought I'd write all that on an XCL final game comment haha, well played GB and Mat :)

Thunderbroom (Damocles) 2014-08-21 
Why am I only learning of this now !!!?

Lufinha (Sporting C. de Portugal) 2014-08-22 
A LARANJA foi quase mecânica... Eliminar os dois monstros, ainda a jogarem no seu melhor, é algo que provavelmente mais ninguém fará. Grassbandits, congratulations. I have seen ISF at a high level so many seasons that, even winning against a portuguese coach, I am still happy for you.

Matsugohei (FC 5 to go PN) 2014-08-22 
Obrigado pelo vosso apoio. Ty for you support. Vemo-nos na próxima epoca, o não :P

Pingasoares (Legia Warsaw) 2014-08-22 
Excelente representação. Parabéns!

The jersey is in the laundry
Imperium Sine Fine
GK A Bulben
D T Sinton
D D Cordeiro
D C Lucky Luziano (C)
D Z Stellone
MF H Dole
MF H Monte
MF S Fraga
MF W Wählisch
MF A Edmundsson
F E Eliseo
R M Garcia
R D MacFergus
R B-G Andersén
R E Hahto
R S Peterson

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