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How do I quit a team and leave the league?
When there are less than 2 weeks remaining in the season, a resign button will appear on your team's page. Click this and you will leave.

Before this time, you can contact the league admin and ask to be sacked. This is optional for the admin - he or she does not have to release you if he or she does not wish to do so.

Any time you leave, you will get some penalty points, though it will be less at the end of the season or during the "silly season" than it is early on.

Think carefully before leaving an Xpert League in the above ways because you will not be able to get a new Xpert League team for several months. If you want a different team or to be in a different league, it is better to try the Job Centre feature. You can read more about these concepts in the Rules.
How do I play a friendly?
Find the team you want to play against and you will find a "challenge team" button on their team's page. Click it and a mail will be sent to them. When they accept your challenge, the match will be set up.

If this button is grayed out (you can't click it), then there isn't an open match day or the team already has several friendlies scheduled. Try another team.
I haven't received a talent from the youth team for a long time. What's happening?
The probability for you getting a talent the day after your received an offer to pick up a talent from the youth team is 1 in 30. If you don't get one that day it will be 1 in 29 the next day and if you don't get one that day either it will be 1 in 28 the next day and so on and so on.

This means that you are guaranteed to get a talent from the youth team if you haven't received an offer to pick up a talent from the youth team in 30 days and if you haven´t reached the 30 days during the closure of the transfer window. This also means that you will in average get a player every two weeks. This also means that you theoretically could get an offer to pick up a talent from the youth team every day although that isn't very likely.

If you've just taken over a team, it may say that you haven't had an offer in more than 30 days. This is because the system stops offering youths when the manager has become inactive and hence isn't there to accept or deny the youth.

Keep in mind that none of this applies during the transfer window closure. No offers will be sent out while the transfer window is closed, from 2 weeks before the season end until the season update is run. If you have waited 30 days or more when the transfer window reopen, the chance will be 1 in 3 every day until you receive a talent. After that, the chance is back to 1 in 30.
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