League info - EST Elite League

Home page: www.xestats.com/153966/
LeagueID: 153966
League admin: Se7enman
League assistants:
League rating:
Ranking: Ranked as number 188
Average age: 43 years
Number of teams: 48 (AI Teams: 3)
Active teams: 48
VIP-teams: 31
Created: 2008-04-27
Season starts: 2024-05-31
Season ends: 2024-07-17
League type: Private league (Mens)
League system: 1:1
Divisions: 6
Dirty tricks: Not activated
Direct transfers: Activated
Player name changes: Activated
Match days: Tuesdays and Fridays
Match time: 21:00
Demography: England: 50%
Scotland: 10%
Australia: 6%
Sweden: 6%
Germany: 6%
Demands: There are none!

Otis 86
Pie Eater Nonces 85
Inglourious JoMo 84
Real RSole 83
Real Sosobad 82
T 81
Cluaran Obar Dheathain 80
Manchester United 79
Lothian FC 78
Real Sosobad 77
Circle of Evil 76
Circle of Evil 75
Circle of Evil 74
Slick Notes 73
Circle of Evil 72
Pie Eater Nonces 71
Real Sosobad 70
SevensEleven 69
Goonies Athletic 68
Goonies Athletic 67
Goonies Athletic 66
Real Sosobad 65
Lothian FC 64
Lothian FC 63
Lothian FC 62
Lothian FC 60
Jayjays Heroes II 59
Jayjays Heroes II 58
Slick Notes 56
SevensEleven 55
Jayjays Heroes II 54
The Cheechsters 53
Real Sosobad 52
Real Sosobad 51
Real Sosobad 50
Real Sosobad 49
Slick Notes 48
Real Sosobad 47
Real Sosobad 45
Real Sosobad 44
Real Sosobad 43
Fremantle Falcons 42
Slick Notes 41
Pie Eater Nonces 40
Pie Eater Nonces 39
Slick Notes 38
Floyds Barbers 37
Cluaran Obar Dheathain 36
Cluaran Obar Dheathain 35
Real Sosobad 34
Cluaran Obar Dheathain 33
BBQ Meatlovers United 32
The Cheechsters 31
Real Sosobad 29
Real Sosobad 28
Real Sosobad 27
Slick Notes 26
Slick Notes 25
Slick Notes 24
Slick Notes 23
Slick Notes 22
SevensEleven 21
SevensEleven 20
Platoon 19
SevensEleven 18
SevensEleven 17
SevensEleven 16
BBQ Meatlovers United 15
BBQ Meatlovers United 14
BBQ Meatlovers United 12
SevensEleven 11
SevensEleven 9
Chelsea Allstars 8
SevensEleven 7
Chelsea Allstars 6
Chelsea Allstars 5
Chelsea Allstars 4
Cloud City 3
Chelsea Allstars 2
Saint Pooch 1

League description:
Simply the bEST

Some of this is no longer applicable.

All applications are welcome. PLEASE pop me a mail first before applying to discuss. If no immediate spots are available then I can add you to the list.

10 leagues, 8 teams each. 79 something wonderful managers and IainDyer


Plus what other league changes it's name to the manager who wins that respective division.
We do have rules here. The rules aren't difficult to understand and follow. I reserve the right to remove anyone from the league and will do so if you're chugging along not making any efforts.

You are safe if you follow these rules...

1. You post in the forum/scribble on a fairly regular basis, if you're getting involved then I don't care if you have a team of 1 skillers.

2. If you don't post and prefer to either lurk or just think we're a bunch of saddos then that's absolutely fine, this rule then applies to you. You look after your team. No low form, 10 and under is pretty poor. No low manager skill ie. under 4 bars which is where you start when you join the league. If you're setting regular line ups and tactics then it's really impossible to be going under 4 bars.

3. If you don't post, or struggle with line ups and tactics then the last resort is that your Xpert rating is sky high, though by this point you'll be lucky to still be here, this helps this leagues ranking so that is obviously a bonus for the league and means you are contributing positively to the leagues rank. Logging in to the league every day, not once a week, or every two weeks etc, will also help in that regard.


We have a fabulous admin. He...

Is happy to talk tactics: "I'm going to get technical here and spend the evening going through all my teams where I've gone offensive away 4-4-2 with lb to see what my win ratio is. I'm sure I've won loads in the past doing this."

Provides constant official league updates: "I've just noticed I'm number nine in the country. The number one in my county. The best manager in the league. I know, I know, I'm that good, I will be hitting the lobby soon."

Will even boost your luck with the ladies: "I'm the type of guy who used to meet girls and say "sod the meal, the wining and dining, the chit chat, let's just fuck" women loved it. OK they were all skanks but don't let that put you off trying it."

And the assistants are very considerate: "Well this prick has got 1 hour to shoot himself or at others otherwise I'm watching Jonathan Ross." - Steve George on Raoul Moat

They never considered anywhere else: "Because I'm stunningly attractive I had my fair share of league offers. However, when it came to choosing one, there really was no other option than the EST league (I'm actually not serious, Se7enman threatened me)" - Ladyinred
Over 80% of our managers contribute to the press weekly.
The forum and scribble are active and more importantly the admin and the assistants are active in their roles which creates a fantastic atmosphere around the league with various stats being recorded on a regular basis if that kind of thing makes you hard.

2015 Best EST admin as voted by 100% Se7enman
2015 Best EST assistant as voted by 25% Tony Brazil
2015 Worst EST assistant as voted by 40% IainDyer
2017 Cunt of the season = Rsole
2017 Poster of the season = Rsole


If you have any doubts about joining the league just check out the following from our newest and older members of the EST.

"I enjoyed playing here in the EST, it is one of if not the best leagues in the history of X11...right up there with Boxfresh VEEP and Chaos Cartel in their heydays. I will miss all the assistant controversies, Dyer's pathetic Shiv obsession, the EOSA's, Jambags excessive and incessant use of the exclamation point, Papa being a cunt, Malcy telling us stories about when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, Wez (Waz, Where, whoever) freaking out and quitting a million times, Tom's shirtless videos and propensity to fuck fat chicks, late night sex stories and photo grabbing with Bejj, Jeff and Jam, Gerd having 2 accounts, Steve's aggro attitude towards everything and his apple head, Jeff's sex toy photos, Semenvan's Nemo towel and his terrible puns that make me want to vomit, Sylar recovering from brain surgery in a matter of hours, Jlowther's unprecedented forum activity, Jayjay's yoof team, the list is truly endless." - ColinZink

"I've been in the league for just over one season now and its very friendly with a very active forum and scribble so you never get bored. The league itself is very competitive and there's always banter in the forum before the games. All in all I'm made up i joined this league, great bunch and very helpful." - Tallfella

"What I really like about this league is that the standard of manager, in terms of skill (tactics in particular), is very high without compromising forum and press activity. No-one takes themselves too seriously, which makes the league very accessible especially for a new member." - Tomh91

"as you know its my first full season in this league , one of the reasons i like the league is most of the guys seems friendly enough and the banter is pretty good , however the prematch write up are very good and its obvious lots of time is spent trawling through the results and teams squads to gather relevant information for the upcoming fixtures"
- Mhoneyman

RIP - Ladyinred
RIP - Gerard
RIP - Bejjita
RIP - Jambags
RIP - Tomh91
RIP - Wez

Season 1 ILoveLamp - Ladyinred
Season 2 ToTaLxTc - Amit
Season 3 FC Alpaca - Vanoord
Season 4 ToTaLxTc - Amit
Season 5 ToTaLxTc - Amit
Season 6 ToTaLxTc - Jambear
Season 7 SevensEleven - Se7enman
Season 8 FC Jammypool (Totalxtc) - Jambags
Season 9 SevensEleven - Se7enman
Season 10 Hardly Athletic - Tallfella
Season 11 SevensEleven - Se7enman
Season 12 Spirit of Shankly - Euro_
Season 13 Athletic Milkow - Jambear
Season 14 Spirit of Shankly - Euro_
Season 15 Spirit of Shankly - Euro_
Season 16 SevensEleven - Se7enman
Season 17 SevensEleven - Se7enman
Season 18 SevensEleven - Se7enman
Season 19 Port Killers - Mark
Season 20 SevensEleven - Se7enman
Season 21 SevensEleven - Se7enman
Season 22 JayJays Heroes - JayJay
Season 23 JayJays Heroes - JayJay
Season 24 JayJays Heroes - JayJay
Season 25 JayJays Heroes - JayJay
Season 26 JayJays Heroes - JayJay
Season 27 Real Sosobad - Jesus1983
Season 28 Real Sosobad - Jesus1983
Season 29 Real Sosobad - Jesus1983
Season 30 Hazards Heroes - _Jeff
Season 31 FC Parmo - Mightyboat
Season 32 The New Fellas - Pybus88
Season 33 Inverurie Thistle - Legendof88
Season 34 Real Sosobad - Jesus1983
Season 35 Inverurie Thistle - Legendof88
Season 36 Inverurie Thistle - Legendof88
Season 37 Floyds Barbers - Granthawksworth
Season 38 Jayjays Heroes - TonyBrazil
Season 39 Pie Eaters Athletic - Papabear
Season 40 Pie Eaters Athletic - Papabear
Season 41 Jaywick Jaywalkers - TonyBrazil
Season 42 Fremantle Falcons - Tommy_wafc
Season 43 Real Sosobad - Jesus1983
Season 44 Real Sosobad - Jesus1983
Season 45 Real Sosobad - Jesus1983
Season 46 Merseyside Blues - Everton1977ace
Season 47 Real Sosobad - Jesus1983
Season 48 Jaywick Jaywalkers - TonyBrazil
Season 49 Real Sosobad - Jesus1983
Season 50 Real Sosobad - Jesus1983
Season 51 Real Sosobad - Jesus1983
Season 52 Real Sosobad - Jesus1983
Season 53 FC Parmo - Mightyboat
Season 54 Squonks - RitzyDelandro
Season 55 SevensEleven - Se7enman
Season 56 Jaywick Jaywalkers - TonyBrazil
Season 57 Erroneous Equation - Roberto11x
Season 58 Squonks - RitzyDelandro
Season 59 Squonks - RitzyDelandro
Season 60 1.FC Hardfloor - Plastikman
Season 61 Within Temptation - Scorpion
Season 62 1.FC Hardfloor - Plastikman
Season 63 1.FC Hardfloor - Plastikman
Season 64 1.FC Hardfloor - Plastikman
Season 65 Real Sosobad - Jesus1983
Season 66 Goonies Athletic - Mhoneyman
Season 67 Goonies Athletic - Mhoneyman
Season 68 Goonies Athletic - Mhoneyman
Season 69 SevensEleven - Se7enman
Season 70 Real Sosobad - Jesus1983
Season 71 Pie Eaters Athletic - Papabear
Season 72 HIV Eindhoven - Rocky9999
Season 73 Sick Notes - TonyBrazil
Season 74 HIV Eindhoven - Rocky9999
Season 75 HIV Eindhoven - Rocky9999
Season 75 HIV Eindhoven - Rocky9999
Season 76 Real Sosobad - Jesus1983
Season 77 Marshalswick Warriors - Kelturn

The EST Swole Cup

Season 19 - JayJays Heroes - JayJay
Season 24 - JayJays Heroes - JayJay

Hall of fame - Total titles won
Jesus x15
Se7enman x10
Jayjay x5
TonyBrazil x5
Rocky9999 x4
Plastikman x4
Legendof88 x3
Mhoneyman x3
Euro x3
Amit x3
RitzyDelandro x3
Papabear x3
Jambear x2
Mightyboat x2
Ladyinred x1
Vanoord x1
Jambags x1
Tallfella x1
Mark x1
Jeff x1
Pybus88 x1
Granthawksworth x1
Tommy_wafc x1
Everton1977ace x1
Roberto11x x1
Scorpion x1
Kelturn x1

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