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LeagueID: 160167
League admin: Annii
League assistants:
League rating:
Ranking: Ranked as number 52
Average age: 44 years
Number of teams: 42 (AI Teams: 1)
Active teams: 42
VIP-teams: 25
Created: 2008-06-04
Season starts: 2024-05-13
Season ends: 2024-06-15
League type: Private league (Mens)
League system: 1:1
Divisions: 7
Dirty tricks: Not activated
Direct transfers: Activated
Player name changes: Activated
Match days: Mondays and Thursdays
Match time: 12:00
Demography: England: 52%
Sweden: 14%
United States: 7%
Scotland: 7%
Australia: 7%
Demands: Must have been a member for at least 3 months

Pie Eaters United 123
Pie Eaters United 122
Pie Eaters United 121
Jayjays Juggernauts 120
Willowbrae Irredenta 119
Family Generations 118
Anti Greenland II 117
Next Match 116
Next Match 115
Family Generations 114
Jingle Jangle 113
Planet Of Drums 112
Planet Of Drums 111
The Angry Mob 110
Black Universe 109
Pie Eaters United 108
Pie Eaters United 107
Willowbrae Irredenta 106
Willowbrae Irredenta 105
Willowbrae Irredenta 104
Prison Rules 103
Willowbrae Irredenta 102
Prison Rules 101
Jingle Jangle 100
Anti Greenland II 99
Planet Of Drums 98
Planet Of Drums 97
Planet Of Drums 96
Planet Of Drums 95
Wizards of Hogwarts 94
Pie Eaters United 93
Pie Eaters United 92
Pie Eaters United 91
Willowbrae Irredenta 90
Pie Eaters United 89
Pie Eaters United 88
Pie Eaters United 86
Jingle Jangle 85
The Strikers 83
Planet Of Drums 82
The Jokers 81
Planet Of Drums 80
Planet Of Drums 79
Planet Of Drums 78
Planet Of Drums 77
Planet Of Drums 76
Jingle Jangle 75
Gazorpazorps 74
Pie Eaters United 73
Jingle Jangle 71
Willowbrae Irredenta 70
Willowbrae Irredenta 69
Jingle Jangle 68
Jingle Jangle 67
Dogs Of War II 66
Dogs Of War II 65
Jingle Jangle 64
Dogs Of War II 63
Jingle Jangle 61
Planet Of Drums 60
Wizards of Hogwarts 58
Pie Eaters United 57
Pie Eaters United 56
Jingle Jangle 53
Pirates S.C. 52
CFG Blue Alliance 50
CFG Blue Alliance 49
Pirates S.C. 40
Pirates S.C. 39
Pirates S.C. 38
Jingle Jangle 32
Family Generations 31
Family Generations 30
Feersum Enjin 29
Feersum Enjin 28
Jingle Jangle 26
Feersum Enjin 21
Feersum Enjin 20
Feersum Enjin 19
Feersum Enjin 18
Feersum Enjin 17
Feersum Enjin 16
Feersum Enjin 12
Feersum Enjin 10
The Angry Mob 9
Feersum Enjin 7
The Angry Mob 6
Feersum Enjin 5
Feersum Enjin 4
Feersum Enjin 3
Feersum Enjin 2

League description:
A quick league - ideal for team builders who want to pit themselves against some top-class managers without having to wait real-life years to be competitive.

We sometimes have vacancies but they usually get filled quite quickly so if nothing is showing and you are interested mail the admin and we can let you know when something comes up.

If a team is available but you'd prefer to create your own new team then again mail the admin and we can discuss it. Some teams may not be deleted though depending on their league history.

A highly competitive league open to any serious, active managers. Turnover of managers is pretty low - 1 or 2 a season and usually manager who leave the game. This creates a nice environment where people get to know one another.

61 seasons old and still going strong...

The divisions are small with only 6 teams in each division. This is excellent for teambuilders as development is very fast. The advantage a poor manager gains by having the luck of a great starting team is soon negated if they do not manage it well enough. A good manager can exploit this and make it to the top. If YOU are one of those good managers - The application button is in the top right hand corner.

VIP Player Transfers - On
Player Name Changes - On
Dirty Tricks - Off

*** Inactivity ***

All managers who go AWOL will be sacked at the admin team's discretion and replaced if there is someone in the wings.

Any managers who let their lineups degenerate to the point where players are out of position or have an average team form of 10 or under will be sacked.

Any managers whose manager skill hits the mighty level of X will be sacked.

So think you're up to the challenge? Apply for the Xpert Series.

*Highest rating - 4* Although I think this was even higher at some point.
*Highest skill - 2*

Thanks to DaveCUFC for the league banner.
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