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League info - The Hurricane League

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LeagueID: 182147
League admin: RobLyons
League assistants:
League rating:
Ranking: Ranked as number 859
Average age: 48 years
Number of teams: 42
Active teams: 42
VIP-teams: 20
Created: 2008-11-05
Season starts: 2022-10-25
Season ends: 2022-11-27
League type: Private league (Mens)
League system: 1:1
Divisions: 7
Dirty tricks: Not activated
Direct transfers: Activated
Player name changes: Activated
Match days: Tuesdays and Fridays
Match time: 13:30
Pre-purchased VIP: 2x1 month
Demography: England: 62%
Northern Ireland: 7%
Wales: 5%
United States: 5%
Scotland: 5%
Demands: There are none!

Rodime Ninety FC 108
Yosemite Bears 107
Falsify Inheritance 106
Paris Saint-Germain FC 105
Falsify Inheritance 104
Paris Saint-Germain FC 103
Paris Saint-Germain FC 102
Paris Saint-Germain FC 101
Paris Saint-Germain FC 100
Paris Saint-Germain FC 99
Paris Saint-Germain FC 98
Paris Saint-Germain FC 97
Paris Saint-Germain FC 96
Cymru am Byth 95
Cymru am Byth 94
Cymru am Byth 93
Force 16 92
Rodime Ninety FC 91
Force 16 90
Rodime Ninety FC 89
Force 16 88
United Road MCR 87
United Road MCR 86
United Road MCR 85
Paris Saint-Germain FC 84
Paris Saint-Germain FC 83
Paris Saint-Germain FC 82
Paris Saint-Germain FC 81
United Road MCR 80
United Road MCR 79
United Road MCR 78
Ifthekidsare United 77
United Road MCR 76
Ifthekidsare United 75
Rodime Ninety FC 72
United Road MCR 71
Tekkerslovakia 68
Tekkerslovakia 67
Tekkerslovakia 65
Piran Pirates 64
Semaj Rovers 63
Grey Ghosts 62
Paris Saint-Germain FC 61
Paris Saint-Germain FC 60
Paris Saint-Germain FC 59
Paris Saint-Germain FC 58
Paris Saint-Germain FC 57
Piran Pirates 55
Hosel Rockets 54
Piran Pirates 51
Grey Ghosts 48
Grey Ghosts 46
Grey Ghosts 41
Grey Ghosts 34
Force 16 32
Force 16 31
FC 1919 30
FC 1919 29
Force 16 20
Predators FC 18
West Perth Falcons 11
West Perth Falcons 10
West Perth Falcons 9
West Perth Falcons 8
West Perth Falcons 6
Predators FC 5
West Perth Falcons 4

League description:
Season 99 will be played with 8 divisions of 6 teams. This will speed up form building and also see plenty of promotions and relegations, meaning a very exciting format!

The league will focus on active press releasing, forum posting and encouraging a large pot in the Xpert pools. There is also lots of banter and fun and plenty of managers who are quite experienced to offer any help if required.

You don't have to be active in scribble or the forums but we DO expect you to play the game and log in. No team will be inactivated without a reminder but if you're gone for more than 14 days without notifying the admin and if you don't respond to the reminder, well....

The only other "rule" is a gentleman's agreement NOT to man mark in friendlies, we don't want any unfortunate injuries pre-season.

These rules are in place to ensure we all have a good time!

So if you like the sound of our league, come join us and help turn this league into one of the best!

The Hurricane Team

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