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League info - The League of Rock

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LeagueID: 245031
League admin: Swann
League assistants:
League rating:
Ranking: Ranked as number 65
Average age: 48 years
Number of teams: 80
Active teams: 80
VIP-teams: 40
Created: 2010-06-06
Season starts: 2023-10-23
Season ends: 2023-12-23
League type: Private league (Mens)
League system: 1:1
Divisions: 8
Dirty tricks: Not activated
Direct transfers: Activated
Player name changes: Activated
Match days: Mondays and Thursdays
Match time: 19:30
Pre-purchased VIP: 1x1 month
The League of Rock (1 month)
Demography: England: 44%
Scotland: 12%
Sweden: 6%
Spain: 5%
Portugal: 5%
Demands: There are none!

Enjoy the Silence 64
Inter di Valley 63
Inter di Valley 62
Screaming Trees 62
Inter di Valley 61
The Untouchables 61
Mystery Jets 60
Inter di Valley 60
The Untouchables 59
Enjoy the Silence 59
The Untouchables 58
Enjoy the Silence 58
Inter di Valley 57
Planet Gong 57
Planet Gong 56
Enjoy the Silence 56
Local Mad Man 55
Enjoy the Silence 55
Half Man Half Biscuit 54
Inter di Valley 54
Local Mad Man 53
Inter di Valley 53
Inter di Valley 52
Half Man Half Biscuit 52
Planet Gong 51
Inter di Valley 51
Waterboys F.C. 50
Inter di Valley 50
Inter di Valley 49
The Untouchables 49
Motown Junk 48
Inter di Valley 48
Motown Junk 47
Enjoy the Silence 47
Enjoy the Silence 46
Motown Junk 46
Enjoy the Silence 45
Motown Junk 45
Stereophonics 44
Stereophonics 43
Enjoy the Silence 43
Runrig 42
Enjoy the Silence 41
Runrig 41
Enjoy the Silence 40
Runrig 40
Enjoy the Silence 39
Runrig 39
Enjoy the Silence 38
Puressence 38
Enjoy the Silence 37
Runrig 37
Adam and the Ants 35
Inter di Valley 35
The Untouchables 34
Enjoy the Silence 34
Love At The First Cider 33
Level Best 33
Love At The First Cider 32
Level Best 32
Enjoy the Silence 31
Screamadelica 31
Level Best 30
Love At The First Cider 30
Level Best 29
Love At The First Cider 29
Screaming Trees 28
Level Best 28
Screaming Trees 27
Level Best 27
Adam and the Ants 26
Enjoy the Silence 25
Screaming Trees 25
Love At The First Cider 23
Love At The First Cider 22
Inter di Valley 21
Level Best 20
Adam and the Ants 20
Inter di Valley 19
Level Best 18
Level Best 17
Adam and the Ants 17
Adam and the Ants 16
Adam and the Ants 15
Screamadelica 14
Level Best 14
Adam and the Ants 13
Inter di Valley 12
Level Best 9
Obituary 7
King Of Kings 4
Love At The First Cider 3
Rapid Eye Movement 2
Level Best 2

League description:
The League of Rock has just triggered Season 63. The league is improving all the time. We have a great set of managers who are active and competitive, so if you fancy the challenge apply to join. If there are no vacancies please get in the queue and I'll appoint as soon as possible, there are normally one or two teams quietly available in the background, just ask.

There's a simple rule to follow - name your team after band, solo artist or musician, album name or song or something music related. It's that simple - the rest is down to your managerial skills and nous to work your way from the to the top!

All are welcome whether you're new to the game, an old hand or VIP or not.

We're continuously striving to improve the league's ranking and make it a great place for managers to join, so it would be great that you get involved in the league - including press releases - to help us achieve this.

If you want to join and there are no vacancies in the job centre just message me and I'll see what I can do....there are often absent managers who want to leave so just ping me a mail.

We are 80 managers strong and 8 Divisions of 10 teams, 3 up and 3 down, what could be better.

Best league ranking to date..7th on the 28th of Dec 2014.

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