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Pagina ligii: Lipsa
ID-ul ligii: 2574
Admin-ul ligii: Wayne
Asistentii ligii:
Ratingul ligii:
Pozitie: Pozitia 148
Vârsta medie a membrilor: 47 ani
Număr de echipe: 1016
Echipe active: 817
Echipe VIP: 389
Creata in data de: 2003-10-13
Sezonul incepe in: 2023-08-29
Sezonul se termina in: 2023-11-30
Tipul ligii: Liga privata (Femei)
Sistemul ligii: 1:2
Divizii: 7
Trucuri murdare: Neactivat
Transferuri directe: Neactivat
Schimbarea numelor jucatorilor: Neactivat
Zilele meciurilor: Martea si Sâmbata
Ora meciurilor: 17:30
VIP pre-platit: 5x1 luna, 1x3 luni
Premii VIP:
The Xpert Ladies (3 luni)
Demografie: Sweden: 37%
England: 15%
Portugal: 14%
Romania: 6%
Scotland: 3%
Conditii: Nu sunt articole!

Black Sabbath 69
Black Sabbath 68
Black Sabbath 67
ShamLam Doobily Dodgers 66
ShamLam Doobily Dodgers 65
ShamLam Doobily Dodgers 64
ShamLam Doobily Dodgers 63
ShamLam Doobily Dodgers 62
ShamLam Doobily Dodgers 61
CandyGirls 60
Roy Rovers 59
Gretna Girls FC 58
Year Zero 57
Year Zero 56
Year Zero 55
Mauchline Belles 54
Year Zero 53
The Peach Blossoms 52
MV Celtic Ladies 51
The Peach Blossoms 48
Jackie Brown 47
The Temptation Within 45
The Temptation Within 44
Imperial Eagle Pups 33
Hajduk Split 32
Fäjmus DK 28
Black Sabbath 20
Black Sabbath 19
Black Sabbath 14
The Ultimate Ladies 13
Don 540 6
Hawkspurs 5
Imperial Eagle Pups 2

Descrierea ligii:
This is the only official Xpert league for women's teams at Xpert Eleven. If you win this league you will get a place in the Hall Of Fame.

We welcome managers from all over the world in this league. You have to be active and engaged to be a manager in this league. If you are absent for more than 3 weeks you will be inactivated and lose your team.

Team name changes can only be made between seasons. The team names as well as player names request must be serious and decent. Player names must be female player names.

About team names that won´t be accepted;
-Names that mix numbers and letters
-Names that has capital letters mixed in the name
-Names that has dots i.e. F.C. It should be just FC
-Offensive names.

Normal 'netiquette' applies in all areas, Scribble, Forums, Game Comments and Press Releases.

Discussions should be conducted in good tone and offensive language or statements are not allowed.

You must converse in a pleasant and polite way to be allowed to take part in the discussions. Messages that are aggressive, vulgar, obscene, threatening, provoking or in any other way break the existing rules will be deleted. Any member who repeatedly posts such messages will lose his/her rights to post messages.

You should set 'your' tactics to influence a positive outcome for 'your' own team and not 'deliberately' positively benefit others... I.e. post inferior tactics to give others an advantage within the League or Cup.

Follow the press rules. Press releases must be Team specific and not be predominantly made up from copied and pasted events, match reports or external content.

Repeat offending may result in the manager losing his/her membership in Xpert Ladies.

Any insecurity around these guidelines can be solved with you reading the X11 Rules.

Enjoy yourselves!

NOTE: In the first few weeks of the season, I would recommend taking over an existing team, rather than taking a new one, and waiting for ages.... ;-)
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