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League info - The Human League

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LeagueID: 368294
League admin: AuntieBeryl
League assistants:
League rating:
Ranking: Ranked as number 166
Average age: 45 years
Number of teams: 50
Active teams: 45
VIP-teams: 27
Created: 2015-10-11
Season starts: 2023-06-10
Season ends: 2023-08-10
League type: Private league (Womens)
League system: 1:1
Divisions: 5
Dirty tricks: Not activated
Direct transfers: Activated
Player name changes: Activated
Match days: Wednesdays and Saturdays
Match time: 18:00
Demography: England: 58%
Australia: 7%
Portugal: 4%
United States: 4%
Nigeria: 4%
Demands: There are none!

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Bute Buccaneers 31
Just Plain Random 30
Monstrous Regiment 29
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Hammerpot WFC 7
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Devil Fish Girls 4
Great Ouse Town WFC 3
Eintracht Eindhoven 2
Holkham Forest 1

League description:
X11's best women's league. All football, no sexism or any other discrimination!

With a zero tolerance approach to sexism, racism, homophobia and discrimination of any kind. The Human League: all football.

First of all, welcome to the Human League. May your trophy cabinet overflow with silver and your name go down in X11 legend - though do please save a few morsels for the rest of us. In the meantime, a little preamble.

So that we can all have nice things, so to speak, this post sets out league policy to ensure all managers are aware from the outset of certain boundaries and how these are dealt with. The Human League was created for a specific purpose and, it is hoped, to act as a positive influence on the Xpert XI community as a whole. Consider this our mission statement.

Not long ago a discussion took place between a group of friends and dedicated X11 players about the official Xpert Ladies league. All were in agreement that the number of teams with inappropriate or downright sexist team names, kits and badges was damaging their enjoyment of this competition, especially for the female players participating in the league.

The idea to create a women's league which respects and maintains certain values was suggested, and the Human League was born. The first season was run as a private league, and the decision was then made to open up membership to all applicants.

These are the values that the Human League stands for:

- Equality: sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and all other forms of discrimination and hatred have no place here - whether that's overtly, thinly disguised as "banter" or "a bit of a laugh", or any other way in which people choose to justify their intolerance
- Enjoyment: we, the admin team, want all league members to be able to enjoy a good-natured, friendly but keenly fought competition without elements such as the above which might cause offence to others
- Influence: as stated above, the Human League founders hope in time that the values this league promotes can have a positive effect on the X11 community as a whole. It can also act as a refreshing safe-haven for those who prefer their gaming to be free from hatred and intolerance
- Zero tolerance: exceptions to the above principles will not be made. Failure to respect the values of the league will be met with a response from the admin team

If your application to the league has been accepted rest assured that you are more than welcome here, and we do hope you enjoy your stay - but we do ask that you respect the league values.

Team and player name change requests that do not reflect the league values will be rejected, and the admin team will contact managers who apply kits, team badges and other elements which are deemed to be offensive and require that these are removed. Press releases, forum posts and scribble entries will be addressed in similar fashion.

If you think that what you are about to submit crosses the line, please hold back. Concepts such as freedom of speech and expression are to be cherished, but they are not a license to disregard others or evade responsibility for our actions.

If on reading the above, you feel this league is not for you, that is your decision to make and you are free to do so. As mentioned above, we want the league to be fun and competitive - this policy helps to ensure the league remains that way for all.

PLEASE NOTE - PRESS RELEASES: Managers can earn 200k econs per week with a Press Release of at least 250 characters. However it is a league rule that these must be your own work. Managers who use PR-generating systems (which are very easy to spot), or copy and paste match reports or X11 Events, will have their PR deleted - this means so will be their 200k.

FINALLY PLEASE NOTE - No team will ever be Boosted in this league, and suspect transfer activity will be investigated.

Special thanks:

* All the fellow managers whose conversation inspired this league
* AdHoc who named the Human League
* VelvetAndroid for designing our great banner (and many of our shirts actually!)
* Admin Assistants AntepliEjderha, VelvetAndroid and previously Gary_C, Kevchenko13, Gawpus, IsThatcherDeadYet and SouthDownRebel
* Delicatemoth, who provided great guidance around our policies
* Founder member and former Admin Assistant SouthDownRebel for writing most of what you see above
*All our managers who have joined because they want the same experience from Xpert Eleven
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