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LeagueID: 460117
League admin: CPI_46
League assistants:
League rating:
Ranking: Ranked as number 118
Average age: 73 years
Number of teams: 80
Active teams: 74
VIP-teams: 36
Created: 2019-05-20
Season starts: 2024-05-01
Season ends: 2024-08-02
League type: Private league (Mens)
League system: 1:3
Divisions: 4
Dirty tricks: Not activated
Direct transfers: Activated
Player name changes: Activated
Match days: Wednesdays and Sundays
Match time: 19:00
Demography: England: 31%
Portugal: 16%
Romania: 9%
Sweden: 8%
United States: 5%
Demands: There are none!

Avengers 18
Avengers 17
Avengers 16
Xrilles 11 15
Xrilles 11 14
Xrilles 11 13
Hong Tong 12
Xrilles 11 11
RB Salzburg FC 10
Xrilles 11 9
Xrilles 11 8
Sportul Studentesc 7
Sportul Studentesc 6
Sportul Studentesc 5
Hagu FC 4
Devils United 3
Devils United 2
Arsenal FC 1

League description:
So.. what's the history?

6 Members from a social networking website (Orkut.com) established this league. Akhil Sanjiva is the actual creator of this league. After managing two seasons, the league was becoming inactive and Akhil passed the admin's post to Sayan44 as he was having some problem in real life.

The League ran from 2009 to 2015. It was deleted as all of the members took a sabbatical from the website.

The current league was created in May, 2019, with some of the original members and since November, 2021, CPI_46 it's the admin.

So why should you join this league?

Friendly members, great competition. The league is one of the most active league in XpertEleven. Join us and become a part of the fun.

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