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LeagueID: 565
League admin: Lampertron
League assistants:
League rating:
Ranking: Ranked as number 930
Average age: 42 years
Number of teams: 1016
Active teams: 354
VIP-teams: 127
Created: 2003-07-21
Season starts: 2024-05-03
Season ends: 2024-08-04
League type: Xpert League (Mens)
League system: 1:2
Divisions: 7
Dirty tricks: Not activated
Direct transfers: Not activated
Player name changes: Not activated
Match days: Tuesdays and Fridays
Match time: 14:30
Pre-purchased VIP: 5x1 month, 2x3 months
League Of Champs (3 months)
League Of Champs Cup (3 months)
Demography: Sweden: 39%
England: 18%
Portugal: 9%
Romania: 4%
Scotland: 3%
Demands: There are none!

Kellys Angels 72
Kellys Angels 71
Shanklys Boys F.C 70
Shanklys Boys F.C 69
MK Ultra 68
Young Porkodijos 67
Homer X 11 FC 66
Homer X 11 FC 65
Homer X 11 FC 64
Black Bulls 63
Black Bulls 62
Mel Bora SK 61
Högsbohöjds Arsenal 60
Högsbohöjds Arsenal 59
Kellys Angels 58
Kellys Angels 57
Kellys Angels 56
Kurupted FC 55
Superben FC 54
Kurupted FC 53
Kurupted FC 52
MK Ultra 51
Vadodara City FC 50
Vadodara City FC 49
MK Ultra 48
MK Ultra 47
MK Ultra 46
MK Ultra 45
Generation Y 44
FC Jojobao 43
Högsbohöjds Arsenal 42
Homer X 11 FC 41
Homer X 11 FC 40
FC Porto 90 39
Gnaget A.I.K 38
Zvezda FK 37
Górnik Wojkowice 36
jhng 35
Vadodara City FC 34
Vadodara City FC 33
Vadodara City FC 32
Vadodara City FC 31
Vadodara City FC 30
Serbian Elite 29
CSO Pantelimon 28
Hajduk 1911 27
CSO Pantelimon 26
IFK Juve 25
Gerrard FC 24
Górnik Wojkowice 23
Città di Palermo 22
Los Caffos 21
nangrongity 19
Città di Palermo 18
basler stars 17
Žuti mravi 14
Gerrard FC 13
basler stars 12
nangrongity 11
Frökenlirarna 10
Gerrard FC 9
Frökenlirarna 8
Frökenlirarna 7
jsk 6
AC Milan 5
AC Milan 4
Sickbay Rangers II 3
A.I.K 2
Frökenlirarna 1

League description:
----- English -------------------------------
This is League Of Champs. Part of the official league system "The Xpert Leagues" where the league champions and cup champions qualify for the ultimate challenge "The Xpert Champions League".

Team names should be properly written. Managers that are absent for more than 3 weeks are automatically sacked and replaced by new managers.

If you leave this league no matter if you are sacked or resign yourself you will automatically be suspended from our official league system The Xpert leagues for 2 months.

Please read the rules for the Xpert Leagues in the rules.

----- Swedish ------------
Detta är League of Champs!
Ligan för grymma managers som ger allt för att vinna.

Lagnamnen ska vara ordentliga och seriösa och höra samman med den nationalitet som man valt på lagets spelare. De managers som är inaktiva efter 3 veckor eller oseriösa kommer att bli utkastade ur ligan.

Man ska vara medveten om att man blir automatiskt avstängd från Xpertligorna i 2 månader om man drar sig ur en Xpertliga

Aceasta este League Of Champs, o liga oficiala unde castigatoarea campionatului si castigatoarea Cupei se califica in Xpert Champions League.

Managerii care absenteaza mai mult de 3 saptamani sunt dati afara automat si inlocuiti de noi manageri.

Daca vrei sa parasesti liga, nu conteaza ca esti dat afara sau demisionezi, automat vei fi suspendat doua luni din ligile oficiale.

//The league admin
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