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League info - Brythonnic Premiership

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LeagueID: 71956
League admin: VelvetAndroid
League assistants:
League rating:
Ranking: Ranked as number 169
Average age: 44 years
Number of teams: 110
Active teams: 106
VIP-teams: 51
Created: 2006-07-30
Season starts: 2021-10-22
Season ends: 2021-12-22
League type: Private league (Mens)
League system: 1:2
Divisions: 4
Dirty tricks: Not activated
Direct transfers: Activated
Player name changes: Activated
Match days: Tuesdays and Fridays
Match time: 13:30
League reset: The league was reset 2015-09-24
Demography: England: 50%
Scotland: 7%
United States: 5%
Sweden: 4%
Canada: 3%
Demands: There are none!

FU Knighted 71
Rolling Thunder 70
Rædfearne Island FC 69
NK Zlatorog 68
NK Zlatorog 67
NK Zlatorog 66
Juventus 65
Galatasaray 64
Juventus 63
JohnCarewIsBiggerThanU 62
SDS Page 61
JohnCarewIsBiggerThanU 60
JohnCarewIsBiggerThanU 59
JohnCarewIsBiggerThanU 58
JohnCarewIsBiggerThanU 57
JohnCarewIsBiggerThanU 56
JohnCarewIsBiggerThanU 55
Barbazon 05 United 54
JohnCarewIsBiggerThanU 53
Napoli SSC 52
Dynamo Wundenulm 51
Rædfearne Island FC 50
13th Legion 49
13th Legion 48
13th Legion 47
13th Legion 46
Battersea 45
Clash City Rockers 44
Clash City Rockers 43
Hermitage Met 42
Juventus 41
Hermitage Met 41
Hermitage Met 40
Assassins Creed 40
Young Guns 40
Hermitage Met 39
Assassins Creed 39
Assassins Creed 38
13th Legion 38
Assassins Creed 38
Seattle Sounders 38
13th Legion 37
FU Knighted 37
Bombay FC 37
Assassins Creed 37
Boca Geordies 36
13th Legion 36
FU Knighted 36
Assassins Creed 36
FU Knighted 35
Assassins Creed 35
The A-Team 35
Woznot All Stars 34
JohnCarewIsBiggerThanU 34
The A-Team 34
13th Legion 33
Tez Azul 33
Seattle Sounders 33
Seattle Sounders 32
Boca Geordies 32
13th Legion 32
Juventus 31
Towneley Park Rangers 31
13th Legion 31
Everpool United 30
13th Legion 30
Juventus 30
Happy Hippos 30
13th Legion 29
Caribbean FC 29
Bombay FC 29
Everpool United 28
13th Legion 28
JohnCarewIsBiggerThanU 28
Juventus 28
Happy Hippos 28
13th Legion 27
Thomaurogeor AFC 27
Assassins Creed 27
Bombay FC 27
Everpool United 27
JohnCarewIsBiggerThanU 26
Boxclever 26
Bombay FC 26
Ecologists 26
13th Legion 26
Juventus 25
Happy Hippos 25
JohnCarewIsBiggerThanU 25
Juventus 24
Mucky Star 24
JohnCarewIsBiggerThanU 24
Mucky Star 23
Bombay FC 23
JohnCarewIsBiggerThanU 23
Ecologists 23
JohnCarewIsBiggerThanU 22
CR Flamengo 21
FU Knighted 21
Goldenrodscray FC 21
Ecologists 21
JohnCarewIsBiggerThanU 20
Ecologists 20
Ecologists 19
Goldenrodscray FC 19
JohnCarewIsBiggerThanU 19
JohnCarewIsBiggerThanU 18
JohnCarewIsBiggerThanU 17
Ecologists 17
Rugby Leaguers 16
Ecologists 16
Rugby Leaguers 15
Os Scutters AS 15
Padiham FC 14
Rugby Leaguers 14
Os Scutters AS 14
Padiham FC 13
FU Knighted 13
Rugby Leaguers 13
Ecologists 12
Rugby Leaguers 12
The Dicks 12
Toast 12
Rugby Leaguers 11
Toast 11
The Dicks 10
Mucky Star 10
The A-Team 9
The Dicks 9
The A-Team 8
New Tremadog FC 8
Caribbean FC 7
The Dicks 6
New Tremadog FC 6
Clash City Rockers 6
NK Zlatorog 6
B68 Toftir 6
The Dicks 5
Efespilsen 5
New Tremadog FC 5
New Tremadog FC 4
White Harbor United 4
Caribbean FC 4
Clash City Rockers 4
Mastro Azzurro 4
Rædfearne Island FC 4
Kilmore Quay United 3
NK Zlatorog 3
Rædfearne Island FC 3
The Dicks 3
Wolfstone FC 2
The Dicks 2
The A-Team 2
White Harbor United 1
The Dicks 1
Clash City Rockers 1
Barbazon 05 United 1
Wolfstone FC 1
Holgate Pathetic 1

League description:
Like a guaranteed challenge? A competitive but friendly league? Pyramid structure? Try us out!

Whether battling mates, building the ultimate squad or striving to make it to the top, The Brythonnic Premiership has something for you. Going strong in our 71st season after a full decade and a half in existence, we're home to managers from across the globe, ranging from newbies to top Xpert Eleven players.

--- We have a pyramid setup of 110 clubs in four tiers, arranged 1:2:4:4, with divisions of 10. Teams do come free periodically, so even if there's no vacant slots when you're browsing this then do please consider applying. VIP and non-VIP are welcome; check the job centre for vacancies or apply for a new club in the silly season.
--- Although our parallel divisions in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th tiers are named Second Division East, Second Division West and so on, the names are purely 'decorative'! Teams are sorted by seeding, not geography.

--- It's important for managers to log in. It's only polite! Reminders will be sent to managers absent for 2 weeks (unless the admin or assistants are given prior warning), and repeat offenders or those who do not log in for 4 weeks will be inactivated.

--- The league admin and assistants give a round of applause to managers who participate in the Scribble and who issue good Press Releases (hurray!) but we only ask that you please keep it relevant, friendly and polite at all times.
--- To be fair to everyone, we ask that PRs are in your own words and are about your team's actual results, transfers, injuries, hopes, plans, etc. No text just copy-pasted from system events or elsewhere in Xpert Eleven, or automatically generated, or other random nonsense, thank-you. We're not asking for Shakespeare here, it only needs two or three original sentences a week!

--- No dirty tricks.
--- Team name changes allowed: these should resemble proper football club names, but ideally not be named for actual teams, certainly not 'elite' real-life ones. Capital letters in the right place, etc. For prefixes and suffixes, please use the style 'FC' (etc.), not 'F.C.', 'F.C', 'fc' or similar.
--- Player name changes allowed: these should resemble proper names that could belong to a human being, though an inventive 'theme' for your team is encouraged.
--- Direct transfers allowed (VIPs only).

The Premiership
Brythonnic League
Super 8
Youth Hybrid League
Xpert Premiership
League of Cunning Stunts
Wigan League
Football in the Park League
Lotty Memorial Global Football League*
Bragging Rights League
(*Following this merger, we renamed our new fourth tier the Lotty Fourth Division to help keep alive the memory of the late former Xpert Eleven manager Lotty (Ray Lott), who was a popular figure around the game for numerous years.)

The Premiership was established in July 2006. For many seasons it was run by Wyness-left-heart, and he forged one of the most successful private leagues in X11. He was replaced by Woznot, Cocofluffs, then Ulysses3. Numbers had dwindled badly by 2015, threatening to dip into single digits at their lowest point, but the arrival that October of a significant influx of clubs from the Brythonnic League marked a turnaround starting from Season 43. Renamed as The Brythonnic Premiership, the league has greatly regained its strength since, thanks in no small part to several more successful inward mergers. Since Season 48 VelvetAndroid has been the current admin.
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