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League info - Premier League

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LeagueID: 88537
League admin: Swann
League assistants:
League rating:
Ranking: Ranked as number 23
Average age: 49 years
Number of teams: 48
Active teams: 46
VIP-teams: 46
Created: 2007-01-07
Season starts: 2024-01-07
Season ends: 2024-02-23
League type: Private league (Mens)
League system: 1:1
Divisions: 6
Dirty tricks: Not activated
Direct transfers: Activated
Player name changes: Activated
Match days: Thursdays and Sundays
Match time: 19:30
Pre-purchased VIP: 1x1 month
Demography: England: 48%
Sweden: 17%
Scotland: 7%
Wales: 4%
Germany: 4%
Demands: There are none!

Wrexham A.F.C. 83
Manchester City 82
Manchester City 81
Arsenal FC 80
Accrington Stanley F.C. 79
Accrington Stanley F.C. 78
Accrington Stanley F.C. 77
Accrington Stanley F.C. 76
Accrington Stanley F.C. 75
Accrington Stanley F.C. 74
Peterborough United 73
Southampton FC 72
Rangers F.C. 71
Leeds United 70
Leeds United 69
Rangers F.C. 68
Southampton FC 67
Tottenham Hotspur 66
Manchester United 65
Southampton FC 64
Southampton FC 63
Southampton FC 62
Southampton FC 61
Celtic FC 60
Manchester United 59
Southampton FC 58
Southampton FC 57
Southampton FC 56
Leeds United 55
Leeds United 54
Leeds United 53
Notts County 52
Manchester City 51
Ilkeston Town FC 50
Hartlepool United 49
Hartlepool United 48
Hartlepool United 47
Notts County 46
Notts County 45
Rangers F.C. 45
Rangers F.C. 44
Wigan Athletic FC 44
Leicester City 43
Notts County 43
Southampton FC 42
Rangers F.C. 42
Southampton FC 41
Rangers F.C. 41
Southampton FC 40
Rangers F.C. 40
Rangers F.C. 39
Chelsea FC 39
Rangers F.C. 38
Chesterfield FC 38
Rangers F.C. 37
Peterborough United 36
Peterborough United 35
Chesterfield FC 35
Chesterfield FC 34
Guildford City FC 34
Guildford City FC 32
Hartlepool United 32
Doncaster Rovers 31
Accrington Stanley F.C. 31
Accrington Stanley F.C. 30
Yeovil Town 28
Fulham FC 27
Tottenham Hotspur 26
Fulham FC 26
Tottenham Hotspur 25
Fulham FC 25
Aldershot Town FC 24
Tottenham Hotspur 24
Everton FC 23
Everton FC 21
Everton FC 20
Everton FC 19
Chelsea FC 19
Everton FC 18
Chelsea FC 18
Everton FC 17
Chesterfield FC 17
Everton FC 16
Norwich City 15
Everton FC 15
Aldershot Town FC 14
Everton FC 13
Grimsby Town FC 12
Grimsby Town FC 11
Everton FC 10
Ipswich Town FC 10
Arsenal FC 9
Salford City F.C. 8
Wigan Athletic FC 6
Wigan Athletic FC 5
Wigan Athletic FC 4
Wigan Athletic FC 2
Wigan Athletic FC 1

League description:
This is a VIP league for those who like British football. Unlike the real FA, we have taken the step to also include teams from the Scottish Professional Football League.

We have just triggered season 83 and have a league ranking of 15 so come and play in one of the most exciting times we have had in X11. Check the job centre and get applying!

Our idea is that this league should be about so much more than just setting the tactics for the next match or run the most fruitful football academy in the country. We also interact socially and we make friends. The league may not be quite as active as it once was with competitions and other forum activities going on all the time, but we still like to think that we are "even better than the real thing". We hope all our managers enjoy the league and that it offers them all the challenges a skilful and active manager could ask for.

Our managers come from different countries so both English and Swedish are used in the press and in the forum. The official language however is English.

To make sure we keep the league even better than the real thing, there are a few rules to keep in mind.

You must take active care of your team. You should log on and set the tactics for each match. A manager skill below four (4) at the end of a season means you haven't taken good care of your team and you risk being inactivated. If you haven't logged on to your team for over a week, you will receive a reminder from the league admin. If you still don't log on, you may be inactivated. If you become a frequent target for reminders, you risk being inactivated. When you plan on being away from X11 (e.g. studies or holiday) please inform the League President.

As a member of the league you are expected to take at least some part in the activities. You can do that by for instance writing press releases, writing in the forum or on the scribble, by hosting or participating in competitions. If you are totally inactive for a period of time you run the risk of being replaced by a manager who is more keen on taking active part in the league.

Managers are encouraged to participate in discussions but no personal insults will be accepted in the press, forum or scribble.

You must make sure to always have enough VIP to be able to take care of your team and take an active part in the league.

This league offers 1 months VIP for the winners of the Premier League and the F.A. Cup each season.

Player names can only be changed in-between seasons. Names of real football players are of course allowed, but they should primarily be players who play or have played for your club IRL. We do not allow mock names, as the game is fun enough as it is. During the season you can only change names of junior players and players newly acquired from the open transfer market. Such name change must be made before the first match with the new club. The settings for names of junior players should be English or Scottish.

Team names can only be changed in-between seasons. The team names must always be English (down to level 6, i.e. Conference North and South) or from the Scottish Professional Football League.

Names of teams that have won the Premier League or the FA Cup are protected and cannot be changed. These are listed below for ease of reference.

Wigan Athletic
Ipswich Town
Norwich City
Chelsea FC
Leicester City
Tottenham Hotspur
Doncaster Rovers
Hartlepool United
Southampton FC
Notts County
Ilkeston Town
Manchester City
Leeds United
Liverpool FC
Queens Park Rangers
Manchester United
Celtic FC
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Rangers F.C.
Partick Thistle
Accrington Stanley FC
Peterborough United
Fulham FC
Arsenal FC
Middlesbrough F.C.
Wrexham A.F.C.

So play hard, shake hands afterwards, it's jumpers for goalposts and skinz versus shirts.

Come play the Premier League, it's even better than the real thing.
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