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League info - Hattrick League

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LeagueID: 13
League admin: Matusalemic
League assistants:
League rating:
Ranking: Ranked as number 679
Average age: 45 years
Number of teams: 1016
Active teams: 1014
VIP-teams: 117
Created: 2003-06-12
Season starts: 2021-10-23
Season ends: 2022-01-24
League type: Xpert League (Mens)
League system: 1:2
Divisions: 7
Dirty tricks: Not activated
Direct transfers: Not activated
Player name changes: Not activated
Match days: Tuesdays and Saturdays
Match time: 10:30
Pre-purchased VIP: 6x1 month, 2x3 months
Hattrick League (3 months)
Hattrick League Cup (3 months)
Demography: Sweden: 36%
England: 15%
Portugal: 9%
Romania: 6%
Scotland: 5%
Demands: There are none!

Mosshagen United GFC 64
Skeletor 63
Skeletor 62
Skeletor 61
Montverde FC 60
Tees Tigers 59
Lucid Anthropologist 58
Lucid Anthropologist 57
Hashashins 56
Hashashins 55
FC Oranges 54
Unicorn FC 53
Unicorn FC 52
Badalhocos CF 51
Eazy Riderz 50
Eazy Riderz 49
The Toot Bumps 48
Eazy Riderz 47
The Toot Bumps 46
Montverde FC 45
The Corleone Family 44
The AntiChrists 43
The Corleone Family 42
Miracle Workers 41
The AntiChrists 40
The AntiChrists 39
The AntiChrists 38
The AntiChrists 37
Miracle Workers 36
The AntiChrists 35
Unicorn FC 34
Samba Juniors 33
AWC 32
AWC 31
Oklahoma Sooners 30
Chivi F.C. 29
FC Mel Bora 28
Chivi F.C. 27
Portucale F.C. 26
Portucale F.C. 25
The Oranges 24
Crazy Gang FC 23
Portucale F.C. 22
Crazy Gang FC 21
Crazy Gang FC 20
Crazy Gang FC 18
Crazy Gang FC 17
The Oranges 16
FC Mel Bora 15
FC Mel Bora 14
FC Mel Bora 13
Alpha FC 12
FC Ravens 11
FC Mel Bora 10
Schakal FC 9
Schakal FC 8
FCChef 7
FC Mel Bora 6
FC Mel Bora 5
Hot Islanders 4
IK Blixt 1

League description:
This is an official Xpert league open for all managers. The champions in the Xpert leagues will qualify for the Xpert Champions League where all Xpert league champions fight for the ultimate title and a place in the Hall Of Fame. This league is part of the official league system at Xpert Eleven. Welcome!

To see more information about rules please visit the forum.

Det här är en officiell Xpertliga som är öppen för alla. Vinnarna av ligan och cupen kvalificierar sig till Xpert Champions League där man tävlar mot de andra vinnarna från Xpertligorna. Vinner man den blir man sedan för evigt ihågkommen i Hall of Fame.

För mer information om regler så kan du besöka forumet.
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