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Info ligue - Dream League

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ID de ligue: 29808
Admin. de ligue: Sommers
Assistants de ligue
Évaluation de la ligue:
Classement: Classée comme nombre 487
Âge moyenne: 47 ans
Nombre d’équipes 1016
Équipes actives: 1003
Équipes VIP 181
Créée: 2005-06-07
Début de saison: 2023-11-19
Fin de saison: 2024-02-20
Type de la ligue: Xpert ligue (Hommes)
Système de ligue: 1:2
Divisions: 7
Tricheries: Inactivé
Transferts directs: Inactivé
Changement des noms: Inactivé
Jours des matchs: Jeudi et Dimanche
Heures des matchs: 21:30
VIP prépayé: 5x1 mois, 2x3 mois
Prix VIP:
Dream League (3 mois)
Dream League Cup (3 mois)
Démographie: Sweden: 31%
England: 21%
Portugal: 10%
Romania: 5%
Scotland: 5%
Requests: Il n'y en a pas!

Yarmouth Town FC 64
FC Geggveck 63
Lisbon Lions fC 62
Polestar Celts 61
FC Geggveck 60
FC Geggveck 59
Kloppoholics Anonymous 58
Kloppoholics Anonymous 57
equipaR 56
The North Remembers 55
Heeds 54
Censurados 53
Red Star Belgrade 1991 52
liverpool97 51
Telmo Eleven F.C. 50
Telmo Eleven F.C. 49
Serrinha Academy 48
Serrinha Academy 47
Shady Rebels 46
Shady Rebels 45
Southern Death Cult 44
Shady Rebels 43
Shady Rebels 42
Shady Rebels 41
Shady Rebels 40
Censurados 39
Censurados 38
Censurados 37
Censurados 36
Lisbon Lions fC 34
Golden Lions 33
Basica FC 32
FC Sensi 31
JC Sunbeams 30
Swamp Donkeys FC 29
South Hooligans 28
Shadow City 27
Southern Death Cult 26
South Hooligans 25
South Hooligans 24
South Hooligans 23
South Hooligans 22
Gr8est Team 21
Nearly There 20
Nearly There 19
Nearly There 18
Nearly There 17
Nearly There 16
Dukla Prague Awaykit 15
Danubius Galati 14
Dukla Prague Awaykit 13
Zalmoxis Demons 12
The Twicenicers 11
Arisaig FC 10
Manchester United 9
Defend Söderort 8
Defend Söderort 7
Zalmoxis Demons 6
Defend Söderort 5
Zalmoxis Demons 4
Møssan 3
South Hooligans 2
Heeds 1

Description de la ligue:
The Dream League is part of our official championship (The Xpert Leagues) at Xpert Eleven. This league will give you a chance to make it to the Xpert Champions League and fight for a place in the Hall Of Fame.

We have just wrapped up our 61st season of competition! Congratulations to Deano and his Polestar Celts outfit for becoming Dream League champions for the first time, and to DeMarkus, manager of Sigtuna BK, for their Cup victory.

If you'd like to join the league immediately, apply to takeover a previously exisiting/inactive team. Team name changes are also now open.

We have an active and fun community, so if you're after a great league come join in and get involved!

Welcome and good luck! :)
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