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ID de la liga: 461494
Administrador: CPI_46
Puntuación de la liga:
Ranking: Posición número 7
Edad media: 42 años
Total equipos: 403
Equipos activos: 393
Equipos VIP: 203
Fecha creación: 2021-04-08
Inicio temporada: 2024-05-25
Final temporada: 2024-06-27
Tipo de liga: Liga privada (Hombres)
Sistema de liga: 1:3
Divisiones: 5
Juego sucio: Desactivado
Transferencias directas: Activado
Cambio de nombre de jugadores: Activado
Días de partido: Martes y Sábados
Hora del partido: 19:00
Demografía: England: 27%
Sweden: 19%
Romania: 12%
Portugal: 7%
Scotland: 4%
Peticiones: Debe ser miembro por al menos 3 Meses

Hull City Tigers 23
Hull City Tigers 22
Bucovina Radauti 21
Bucovina Radauti 20
Bucovina Radauti 19
Blue Lions 18
Blue Lions 17
Blue Lions 16
Goal Diggers 15
Vikings 14
Limitless 13
Fight Club 12
Limitless 11
AutoGen 27 Timisoara 10
Fight Club 9
Limitless 8
Juventus Torino 7
Juventus Torino 6
Bolt Thrower 5
Bolt Thrower 3
Bolt Thrower 2
Hadron Collider CERN 1

Descripción liga:
The story of A Huge League begins in April 2021. At that time, I was going through a period where XpertEleven seemed to no longer provide me with the personal satisfaction it had in the past. I decided to embark on the most ambitious project I had ever undertaken in the game: A Huge League. My goal was for us to eventually create the largest private league in the game. The calculations went according to plan, and the recruitment campaign proved to be a real success. Not everything is owed to me, CPI_46, but also to the guys who helped and consistently encouraged me in the league's early period: Chrille, Alchimistul, Andreyi7, Linkin.Park, Jenkinz, Robbo_the_Red, and Unexpect3D (random order).

Now, A Huge League, after approximately 20 seasons, remains the largest private league in the game, and I'm proud that it's also one of the most sustainable long-term leagues in XpertEleven. Anyone wishing to join the league must be aware that here, they can build for the long term without the worry of the league disbanding.

The system is a classic one, with 6 teams per division, without a cup competition. All of this is designed to play as many seasons as possible in a short amount of time. However, we will have "A Festive Cup" every 10 seasons. This cup is scheduled for seasons 10, 20, 30, 40, etc. Keep in mind that it's only one season every 10.

In conclusion, the league aims to consistently rank first in the overall league rankings. Of course, we're aware that periods will fluctuate and we won't always be at the top, but one thing is certain: that's where we always want to be.

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