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2023-09-19 21:10
Pyla Village One
Division 3g
Manager: CovWhiteBoy

Finally something stirs at Pyla
Tonight's visitors Monte Redondo United would hae been looking to leave The Village Green with all 3 points tonight as they battle to hang on to the coat tails of the division leaders. Pyla, with no wins in 4 games, looked to be easy pickings as kick off time approached.

The visitors held the ascendency from the off but couldn't find their way past Pyla's resolute defending. Eventually, frustration at the stalemate got the better of them and United gave away a free kick in a dangerous area. As so many others have discovered, it is reckless beyond belief to give Pyla marlsman Nikos Patsatzoglou the slightest of chances with the dead ball. 

One nil to Pyla.
And that's all s/he wrote.
Kudos [1]
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