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2023-09-20 19:07
Sons of Apollo
Division 3e
Manager: Gmswjambo

Extracting the Michael
'Just typical!' cursed Gmswjambo, slamming the drawer shut and uncorcking the bottle of amber nectar. He poured himself a generous measure and turned to his assistant, the Nigerian-Scot man-mountain that was Mbawza Ritchie. The latter eyed up the bottle with nervous enthusiasm. 'We go for DV and suddenly turn in a good performance. I swear, Ritchie, these players are seriously extracting the michael.' 

The assistant nodded in agreement, eyes remaining on the Glenmorangie. The manager twigged. 'Oh, sorry son,' and duly filled the crystal tumbeler a third of the way. Ritche added a cube of ice from the bucket on the manager's desk and the merest of splashes from the jug next to it and took a sip. The warmth caressed his chest as it eased down from throat to stomach. Bliss. 

'What a goal from Lucho though,' he finally said. 'The young lad is made up about it. 
Ritchie was referring to 16-year-old striker Lucho Aymar. The versatile 17/4 forward came with a fantastic work ethic and, at 6ft5, could prove to be the club's biggest signing. 

'Aye, an assist on his debut and a goal in his second game,' reflected the gaffer. 'I suppose one shouldn't moan. I just wish the rest of the boys could've put in that kind of shift earlier in the season, or we'd maybe not be staring down the abyss like we are right now.' 
'With you there, boss,' said Ritchie, taking another sip. 'Thoughts for the next game?'
'Same as always, lad,' replied the gaffer. 'Give me your best three ideas for how to attack and defend and I'll choose what I think's best. Let's talk about these Matchstick Men...'
Kudos [2]
2023-11-26 The Cure The Cure 0 2
2023-11-26 Ballesterer Tough cup 0 4
2023-11-25 Stirlingshire Trashing 0 1
2023-11-25 Picket Piece Stags Cup game trauma 0 3
2023-11-25 Pyla Village One Pyla scrape up a win 0 2
2023-11-24 ProViva FC Oot the cup 0 1
2023-11-24 Adrenochrome FC Press 0 2
2023-11-23 Gwernfadog United First loss 0 3
2023-11-22 Boon FC win 0 1
2023-11-22 Matchstick Men Bicycle backfire 0 4
2023-11-21 Newpark FC Newpark FC News 0 1
2023-11-21 Suffolk Punch FC Xpert XI 0 2

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