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2023-09-20 23:54
Matchstick Men
Division 1b
Manager: TonyBrazil

Goodbye cup, hello promotion

"It was his goal celebrations what did for him," angers Matchstick Men manager Tony Brazil, "Christiano Yiyi is thirty-four years of age and just back from a long injury. Yiyi; yes yes, great you scored our second goal against Athletically Unfit in the league but no no, for injuring yourself after scoring. Hurdling the advertising hoardings is a trick for young men.

"He's a fool but our fool. Despite this mad rush of blood to his legs, Yiyi stayed on for our two-nil win and even got man of the match. He is fit to play next round and this result puts us nine points clear at the top of the table with three games to go. Only madness can stop us now, but with Yiyi and me me at the helm anything can happen.

"Unfortunately Yiyi couldn't produce the magic in our Round of last Sixteen cup match as we dropped out on a narrow one goal defeat to last season's holders Dark Victory. So it's goodbye cup and hello promotion," Brazil sweats, "just don't do anything stupid Brazil, or you either Yiyi."
Kudos [7]
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