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2023-11-20 17:49
Xpert League
Manager: Hernas

Better late than never
Well, this last week we got the result we were looking for since the start of the season.

First victory, by 1-3, against Bajen Avalanche. We are now 5th place, three points behind the leader. Funny fact is that after tomorrow's match, we will have played away four out of the first five matches. If we manage to keep our heads above water, maybe the calendar on the second half of the season might give us the edge to improve some spots.

The Xpert Champions League has been drawn and we have, in theory, some chances to go through fighting for the 2nd place. But if, as last resource, we need to look after our presence in the Xpert League next season then we will give in and bet everything on the championship.
Kudos [1]
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