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2023-11-22 00:07
Matchstick Men
Xpert League
Manager: TonyBrazil

Bicycle backfire
"Well, this is all very nice," Matchstick Men manger Tony Brazil cradles the Division 1b manager of the round trophy, "the award and the three nil win here away at Feyenoord which knocks them off the top of the table and sends us second. Dark Victory top the table however, after their seven nil win over Ancora.

"I think back with regret to our own encounter with Ancora earlier in the season. At that stage they had a manager and drew with us nil nil; MrCole walked out of the club shortly after our match and ever since Ancora have been thrashed. Those two dropped points in our draw are increasingly painful as everyone else picks up three for nothing.

"Everyday I regret my post-match actions," Brazil clenches his grip as he confesses, "in a fit of anger after our draw I let the air out of MrCole's bike tyres. It is said that was the last straw for him and why he left Ancora when he did. Guess my bicycle prank backfired."
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