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2023-11-25 22:34
Picket Piece Stags
Division 1a
Manager: Electricnaz

Cup game trauma
So what is it about cup games?

Especially in the early rounds.

You play against teams who are, let's face it, shit, and you end up with injuries and terrible form.

What is a manager to do?

The league is penalising successful clubs because I'm sure these early round crap teams are gaining a lot of form.

I don't mean to be a prick, but one day I wanna kill one of their players. And they will deserve it.

Also the league is going shit. Think I jumped the shark at the playoffs last season and now it'll be a struggle.
Kudos [3]
2024-02-24 Sons of Apollo Where do you stick yours? 0 2
2024-02-21 Gwernfadog United Unconvincing win 0 4
2024-02-21 Ballesterer Big win! 0 2
2024-02-21 Pyla Village One Pyla enjoying Cup run 0 3
2024-02-21 Kids Picture Show KPS Update 0 2
2024-02-21 Boon FC some familiar faces 0 1
2024-02-21 Moderate Koalas First Point 0 4
2024-02-20 Wayland FC Injury Crisis 0 2
2024-02-20 Newpark FC Newpark FC News 0 1
2024-02-20 Perak Bär Robbed! 1 4
2024-02-20 Aris FC Crucial Fixture 1 2
2024-02-19 Jaes This is the last time 0 5

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