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2023-09-28 11:12
The League Admin
Super League
Manager: Powerbaselx

Hi all.
We have currently available a position for ENGLISH ASSISTANT in the Super League.

Please take note of prerequisites before applying:
  • Native English language (English speaking countries preferred).
  • Minimum of 12 consecutive months playing in the Super League.
  • Having a long term team project in the Super League.
  • Good understanding of game rules and Super League specific guidelines.
  • Good communication skills, writing and good mood.
Main activity:
  • Daily overview of support requests (expect none most of days).
  • At least, once per week, English Press Releases review.
  • Apply and promote periodically Super League rules and guidelines.
  • Access to the reserved Administration Forum.
If you're interested, please send a Private Message to the Super League Administrator (Powerbaselx or through FC Algarve team private messages) just mentioning you're interested - no need to further information at that time. Any doubt or clarification, you'll be contacted privately.

As a starting prize, you'll get a 1-month VIP!

New English Assistant will be selected and announced during October 2023.

I want also to thank publicly Thedonfergaloni the important contribution he gave to the Super League for some years as English Assistant.

Thanks in advance for your interest.
Super League Administrator

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