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It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's how you play the game... as long as you don't lose.

Former Chief of the Staff for the English Xpert Daily.

Came to X11 from the Official Nintendo Magazine forums as part of a group of forumers in 2010 who set up a league to have some fun in, in charge of the "Formula 1" team. The league ended after four seasons however and I took a two year break from the game, but returned as part of a rebooted ONM Football League as the manager of "Nothing Toulouse".

Four months later I joined the Official Leagues after watching the Xpert Champions League and proceeded to learn the game. I decided to undertake a youth team project with my official league team "Knights of Cydonia F.C" as an experiment to see whether I could take a club with no assets and turn them into a top flight team. This effort was being chronicled in a series of Youtube videos, the first Xpert Eleven team where seasonal progression and squad evolution is being monitored on Youtube (although this ceased eventually).

Since then I've joined many private leagues for many different reasons. Also served as a reporter on the XD for many seasons and eventually became it's CoS but stepped down later on.

A record of my best seasons for all teams on the game are below:

Season standings:

Formula 1 (March 2010 - September 2010)
1st - Division 1 - s2
2nd - ONM PL - s3

Knights of Cydonia F.C: (March 2013 - )
2nd - Division 6:41 - s31 - Won play-off
1st - Division 6:47 - s34 - Champs with 42pts
2nd - Division 5:20 - s35 - Lost play-off
1st - Division 5:20 - s36 - Champs
1st - Division 4j - s37 - Champs
1st - Division 3e - s38 - Champs
1st - Division 2c - s39 - Champs
5th - Division 1b - s41 (Won UL Cup)
1st - Division 1a - s42 - Champs
2nd - Ultimate League - s44 :(
1st - Division 5:20 - s52 - Champs
1st - Division 4k - s53 - Champs


Exeter City: (April 2013 - May 2014)
1st - League One - s12
1st - Championship - s13

Nintendo Allstars: (February 2014 - )
2nd - Wii League Premier - s29 (won cup)
1st - Wii League Premier - s30 - Champs (won cup)
2nd - Wii League Premier - s31 (won two cups)
1st - Wii League Premier - s32 - Champs
5th - Wii League Premier - s39 (won cup)
2nd - Wii League Premier - s42-45 (won two cups)
1st - Wii League Premier - s46 (won the treble!)

Nothing Toulouse: (December 2012 - )
1st - Division 1 - s4
1st - ONM Football League - s5 - Champs
2nd - ONM Football League - s6
3rd - ONM Football League - s7-s8
1st - (S)ONM Premier League - s9-12 - Champs
1st - SONM Premier League - s18-19 - Champs
Won back to back promotions in League of Legends from Season 49 to 55.
1st - Legends Premier (s57, s60-63, s70)

Swindon Town: (June 2014 - )
1st - Championship - s15
1st - Premier League - s29

Quidditch Quaffles (January 2016-September 2018)
1st - GLX D - s6
1st - MLX C - s12
1st - MLX B - s13
1st - MLX C - s14
1st - MLX B - s15
1st - MLX D - s16
1st - MLX A - s17

Avengers Assemble (September 2018-)
1st - MLX B - s19
1st - MLX D - s21
1st - MLX A - s26
4th - MLX C - s27 (Won MLX Play-offs)
1st - MLX C - s29
Clubes oficiais

Knights of Cydonia FC
Série:Division 4k
Posição:8º de 8


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Avengers Assemble
Major League X11 (VelvetAndroid)
Nintendo Allstars
Wii League (Legendof88)
Nothing Toulouse
League of Legends (Scozza21)
Swindon Town
The Football League (Sir_Lee)
Swindon Town
The British Foot... (Yallop2)

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