The Game
Matches in Xpert Eleven will be played as close as possible to the specified time. The match engine will start up at the specified time. Depending on the number of games the engine has to process at that time, there can be a slight delay before all matches are played. Normally a match should be ready within 5 minutes of the specified time, which means that if a match is scheduled for 19:00 you can see the result by 19:05.

The Game:
When you choose to look at a match you will see a recording of the match and it opens up in a new window. If you use any program that blocks "popup" windows you will have to do something about that before you can view the match. Often it is enough to hold down the CTRL-button on your keyboard to temporarily inactivate the pop-up blocker. To view the match you need a Flash plug-in in your browser. If you do not have one then you will be asked to download one and it should install itself automatically. The first time you view a match it could take some time especially if you have a low speed connection but it should not take much more than one minute with a 28.8 modem.

When the match is shown you will first see who is sponsoring the broadcast and this is always the home team's main sponsor. After this you will see the match display where the home team's line-up is to the left and the away team's line-up is to the right. The clock will start ticking. If any team has a chance to score the clock will pause and that team's score number will start flashing and you will receive textual information on what is happening. If there is a goal you will be informed of this in a textual message in the middle of the display. You will also get information about any cards that are handed out (yellow or red), any free kicks or penalties that are awarded or if any player is injured.

At half time you will see some statistics from the first half in the centre of the display. The match will pause and you must press the play button to continue with the second half. When the match has ended you will see some statistics of the whole match and you can close the match window by pressing the X in the top right corner (the normal windows "close" button).

At the bottom of the game view where you start and pause the game you are also able to set the speed of the game and adjust the sound if you have chosen to use it. To the left of these controls you also have 5 boxes (Other matches, Match history, Tactics, Current standings and Ball possession). Match history is available to all members, with this view you can easily follow what has happened in the game so far. The other views are for VIP only. The other matches view will show you live coverage of other games in your serie or favorite teams you selected when you started the game. The tactics view will show you the tactical choices for the current game, both yours and the ones of the opponent manager. The current standings view will give you a live update of your league table so that you easily can see how your league position changes minute by minute. The ball possession graph will show you which team that possesses the ball during the game and how the possession changes. This graph is based on the ball possession during an intervall of time surrounding the current minute.

To easy be able to see when a game has been played we recommend you to activate "Show game alert window". This setting can be found in the "Customize league log" part below the league log.