Press releases
You can at any time issue a press statement about your team. You may have bought an awesome striker and want to frighten your opponents a little or perhaps you just want to say something about your team. The press releases will be shown in a list on your team page as well as on the league news page together with press releases issued by other teams in that series. You can also read press statements from all teams in the league on one single page. When it comes to the Xpert Leagues and the Xpert Ladies you will only be presented those press releases that matches your press release settings. If you have selected only the english language you will only be presented the press releases that have been issued in english. The press releases from the league admin and your favourite teams will always be visible to you regardless of your press release settings.

Issue a new press statement
To write a new press statement you choose Discussions/Press in the team menu and then "Write new" in the press statement page. First you enter a title and then you write a text of maximum 5000 characters. When you are ready you click the "Send" button and if all is correct the press statement is saved and you will be sent to the page with the league news. If all is not correct you will be told what is wrong.

You can never change a press statement that has already been issued. After it has been sent it stays as it is. You can however delete a press statement by selecting it and pressing the "Delete button".

Press statements should only be used for news about the team
Press statements can give a little extra life to the league which is appreciated by everyone. They should however only be used for news about your team and not as a kind of chat or for irrelevant things that have nothing to do with your team. Use the league forum for this. We have a limit in writing press releases, it´s set to 3 press releases during the last 24 hours per team.

Press bonuses
Every week your team's main sponsor will hand out a bonus for media presence. If you during the week (monday-sunday server time CET) issues a press statement of at least 250 characters, you will recieve an extra 200 000 econ right away. You can only get press bonus once every week. If your press is deleted during the week, your press bonus will be revoked. Statements that are found to be just nonsense and only written to get the extra money can result in between 10 to 30 penalty points deducted from your Xpert rating and/or an economic fine.

Press rules
The following press rules apply in Xpert Leagues and we recommend league bosses in private leagues to also use them.

Press releases should only be used for news about the team. All other discussions and messages should be posted in the league forum and not as press statements.

Examples of messages that are not press statements:
* Requests for friendly games
* League invitations
* "hi there" messages
* Requests to leave the league (Should be sent to the league boss via the mailbox)
* Questions (should be made in the forum)
* Copied texts (e.g copied system events)

Moreover you should maintain a good tone in the press statements.

Press releases in our official league systems (The Xpert leagues and The Xpert Ladies)
Breaking the press rules can result in being excluded from the league and a 2 month suspension from the Xpert leagues!

In the Xpert leagues, if a press statement is deleted by someone other than the user who wrote it, he/she will recieve five penalty points on his/her Xpert rating. Those who have the authority to remove press statements are the user who wrote it, the league admin and members of the Xpert Eleven team.

Nominations to Xpert Daily
If you write a really good press release for your team in one of our official league systems (The Xpert Leagues or The Xpert Ladies) then it might be nominated for the Xpert Daily. The Xpert Daily is our online newspaper at Xpert Eleven where the best press releases from our two official league systems are published. It won't give you any money but it might give you and your team recognition and the attention you deserve.

If you like a certain press release you can either comment or show your appreciation by clicking Kudos. Kudos is used to show that you like a specific press. If you hover this button you can also see others who liked this press.