The Xpert Eleven
The Xpert eleven is an all star team which every player in the world of Xpert Eleven wants to be in. There is one Xpert eleven for every series and a new eleven is chosen after every round in both cup and league. The players who are chosen for the Xpert eleven are the players who performed best in their position in a series. The player who has the best rating of the eleven players will be the captain of the Xpert eleven and this player will be marked with a "(C)".

In the Xpert eleven you see the players' names, the teams they play for and how well they performed in the latest match. You can look at Xpert elevens for every series in the league you play in. You can also see Xpert elevens from earlier rounds in the current season.

Manager of the round
In the Xpert eleven you can also see who was chosen as manager of the round. The manager in the Xpert eleven is the one who performed best from a tactical viewpoint. A team must not necessarily have won for its manager to be chosen as manager of the round.

Managers are given a grade in each competitive match. This grade takes into consideration how a manager set up his/her team and the tactics he/she used. It helps a little if the team wins or draws especially if the team is weaker than the opponent on paper. It is however the tactical assessment that is most important regardless of whether the team won, drew or lost.