The league
A league in Xpert Eleven consists of at least 6 teams. There are no limits to how large a league can be. The bigger the league the more divisions and series it will contain. If the league has 12 teams or more it can have several divisions. If there are 18 teams or more you can use a pyramid system where the top division has one series, the division below that has two and the next four and so on. Teams are then promoted and relegated from one division to another at the end of a season. The number of relegated teams is decided by the league admin.

If the league admin is a VIP member at Xpert Eleven he will also be able to create a season with the CL-system (like champions league).

The grouping of teams
In the first season of a league the grouping of teams into the different series is done by lottery when the league admin starts the season. If the number of teams vary from one season to another a promotion place might not always lead to promotion. What happens is that all the teams are ranked at the end of a season and then a new grouping is done based on this new ranking. A team in a promotion place in the second division will rank higher than a team in a relegation place in the first division. This means that even matches involving teams from the middle of the league can prove to be important for the future. Read more about the grouping of teams here.

The fixtures
The teams in a series play each other twice, which means every team plays the other teams home and away. The position of teams in a series is decided as follows:
1. Points.
2. Goal difference.
3. Goals scored.
4 Wins.
If all the above are equal the position is decided on the league table based on away games only.

Prize money
When a season comes to an end some prize money will of course be paid out. In Xpert Eleven the prize money is the same in every division. Because the cost of playing in a lower division is as high as in a higher division we feel that the prize money should be the same.

The prize money is as follows:

1st place 1 000 000 econ
2nd place 500 000 econ
3rd place 250 000 econ

Top goalscorer:
250 000 econ

Most assists:
250 000 econ

Most points (goals + assists) :
250 000 econ

Most nominations to the Xperteleven all star team:
500 000 econ

If number of goals, assists and points(goals+assists) are equal the winner will be the player with most nominations to the all star team and if the winner still cannot be decided the player with most nominations as captain of the all star team wins.

Manager of the season
The manager of the season is also awarded and this award is based on the number of times you´ve been elected as manager of the round during the season. Only league rounds are included. The manager that is awarded in the top division gets a post added in his trophy room. All manager that have at least won manager of the round once during the season will get 50 000 econ per award.

The league info
The information about the league you can find by clicking the menu alternative "League info" in the league menu. There, amongst other things, you will see who the league admin is, how many teams there are in the league, when it was created, when the current season started, when the current season ends, which days of the week matches are played, what time of day matches are played etc. Some of this information is not available until a season has started.

On this page members can also take over as league admin if the current league admin hasn´t logged on to his/her team or league in 3 weeks or if the league admin has been banned for more than 1 week.

The season
As soon as the league admin has got everyone he/she wants to register a team in the league he/she will start a new season. A season lasts for about two days after all the matches in a league have been played. Some series may contain one more team than others do which means that some teams might have a period without any matches towards the end of a season. When the season ends a season update takes place that will affects the league, the teams and the players. The season update is always carried out at 05.00 am the day after the season end date shown on the league info page. When this update has been done the league admin can start a new season immediately if he/she wants to. It is always the league admin who starts a new season. There is no end to a league, it can continue for as long as the league admin and the members want it to.