Joining Xpert Eleven
When you register it is important that you submit correct data. The data will not be given to any third party. We use the information to gather statistics on how the site is being used.

The username must only contain letters and numbers. Your real name won't be visible to other managers in any other leagues but closed private leagues. In all other types of leagues your real name will only be visible for the league's league admin. Others will only see your username.

When you have registered you will be sent an email to the address you submitted. In this email you will find a hyperlink that you must click on to activate your user account at Xpert Eleven. You cannot log on to Xpert Eleven until you have clicked on the hyperlink to activate your user account.

Registering at Xpert Eleven does not mean that you immediately get a team. When you log on you will arrive at the lobby. Here you can either join a league to which you have been invited (read more) or you can create a league of your own and invite your friends to join it (read more). You can also choose to join an official league Xpert league if there are teams available in any of these. The Xpert leagues is our official championship and can give you a place in the Hall of fame!