Dirty tricks
You may not always feel that the skill and form of your players is adequate or perhaps you have not been so successful with your cunning tactical moves. Then it might be a good time to use more unconventional methods against your opponents. You can at any time order a dirty tricks to be performed on any team in your league.

It could be the case though that the league you play in does allow the use of dirty tricks. The league boss can choose to turn off the possibility of using them. For example in the official Xpert leagues we have here at Xpert Eleven the dirty tricks function is always turned off. The dirty tricks are best used in leagues where everyone knows each other, in other leagues they might lose some of their charm.

A dirty trick is a mischief which you carry out against some other team. Such methods are perhaps not very fair but sometimes it can be fun to pull off a dirty trick on someone.

You find the dirty tricks by choosing the menu alternative "Dirty tricks" in the menu to the left when you are logged on to a team. On the dirty tricks page you can choose between a numbers of different dirty tricks from a drop down menu. When you select one of them you are given a brief explanation of what that specific dirty trick can result in. When you are planning a dirty trick you will have to do a quick risk analysis since there are no guarantees that it will be successful. There is always a risk the mission fails and the money you have spent will not be returned even if the dirty tricks fail. Every trick has a certain risk of failure. How big this risk is you see in the information on it. There is also a risk that you will be exposed as the one responsible for the dirty tricks and then the team you tried to hurt will surely try to get its own back in one way or another. You risk getting caught irrespective of whether the dirty trick is successful or not. How big the risk of getting caught is you can also find in the information on each dirty trick.

There is also a slight chance that someone else beats you to it. If you for example put soap on the floor in the shower room just after someone else has done the same to the same team it would have no additional effect. You would not however receive any such information on the dirty tricks page so to make sure no one else has just tried the same thing you must read the league news. If the dirty trick you have planned already has been done you can always choose another one or another victim.

If you yourself become a victim of a dirty tricks there is nothing you can do but to bite the dust and take your revenge.