The cup
The possibility of creating a cup tournament exists only in leagues that play one league match every week or in VIP leagues. Depending on how many teams there are in the league and how far it is into the season, the cup will look a little different. If cup ties are supposed to be played over two legs but there are not enough available days left of the season there will be only one leg.

Cup draw
When you create a new cup for your league you will be able to choose how and if the cup should be seeded. Default is that the cup will be seeded based on how far the teams made it in the previous cup. If there hasn't been any previous cups in the league then the seeding will be based on the division levels of the teams. You can also decide from which round you want to have random cup draws. If the cup is seeded from the first round and does not contain exactly 8, 16, 32, 64 teams and so on, the teams that performed best in the previous cup will skip the first round and not start playing until the second round. The lower seeded team will always play at home first if the cup is played with two legs. If you use seeding, the seeding acts a bit like Wimbledon, with a lower team taking the place of a higher team if they beat them.

How cup matches are decided
If at full time it is a draw there will be 2*15 minutes of extra time which is always played in its entirety, that is there will not be any sudden death or anything like that. If cup matches are played over two legs and the result is a draw the team who has scored the most away goals will go through. If it cannot be decided on away goals extra time will be used and if it is still a draw after extra time their will be a penalty shoot-out. Away goals scored during extra time do not carry any extra weight.

The league admin who creates the cup
It is of course only the league admins who can create cup tournaments and the league admin will find the link "Create Cup" on the league admin information page. All friendly games scheduled in the league will be deleted when a cup is created.

The selection of penalty takers in cup matches
If a cup game ends in a penalty shoot-out, the penalty taker list saved on the tactics page will be used. If you save a list, it will be used for all future matches as long as you donĀ“t change and save a new player manually in the dropdownlist for a specific game.

Prize money
Success in the cup will apart from the glory also give you some extra cash.
The prize money is as follows:
In leagues with 16 or more teams the winner of the cup gets 1 000 000 econ and the runner up gets 500 000 econ.
In leagues with less than 16 teams the winner gets 750 000 econ and the runner up gets 350 000 econ.